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Damn, that Oberon is SWEET! It's MIIIINE!!! I'll just win that contest and smile as I tell the time to confused faces...frankly it's the most readable one ^^*
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I'm a Norwegian...*scavenges house for dad's Mauser*

Well, as far as our white moose Albin is concerned, he's not to be shot. Over 30.000 Norwegians voted for keeping him, so hunters will have to put down their rifles as soon as they see him. And that's the last I've heard of him...
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"Grevinnen og Hovmesteren" in Norway. This is just awesome, WATCH IT! The funny thing is, it was written by a British, but is almost completely unknown in Britain. And the tiger carpet was added in the very last minute, and the stumbling was complete accident!
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NorwegianBiker is right, These guys are all over Norway. Probably Sweden and Finland too. Much in the same temps as these guys, seeing that you are talking about sub-zero in fahrenheit. If it was Celsius, it wouldn't even be impressive...
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This guy will be SO dissapointed when he gets there. If there even was an inner Earth to begin with, it would have been habitated long ago. If the government wanted to keep this secret, this guy would be jailed by now. And if it is the ocean that hides this "entrance", he would have to dive beneath the Artic, as it is only the worlds biggest iceberg, i.e. it is not land there and it floats well above the ocean surface.
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OK, let's look at this from the outside. What many of you don' seem to realize, is that guns have become a part of your culture, thus you want to keep it as much as say...superbowl.

Now, let's see what your level of availability has lead to. Take the Columbine High Massacre. Two teenagers walks in with a huge bunch of guns and slaughters several students and teachers. Do I even need to mention Virginia Tech?! I am actually very surprised this hasn't been brought up!

Take a look at most European countries. I come from Norway, where gun restriction is quite high. To even be allowed to have a firearm, you'll need to be a member of specialized clubs who participate in official contests, be a member of a hunting organization, or be in the military, i.e. you need a valid reason. "P-p-pro-protection" is not a valid reason up here. If you don't have a reason, your gun must be a pure artifact. Like my moms 150 year old gun, where the flintlock is permanently stuck. Owning any kind of firearm in Norway is actually very unusual, and softguns are pretty much an outdated fashion by now. Guncrimes are even more unusual, anything will stay in media for quite some time, sometimes as much as a year or more.

And as 'algonkin' says, time has passed since the second amendment was written, 218 years, to be exact, and 216 years since it was enacted, go celebrate December 15th!

And Greg, I'd find you seriously disturbed if you're not talking about computer games, target practice or hunting...Jizzus, most of you are like a bunch of Tackleberry's...
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