The hollow earth conspiracy

According to this guy, there are those who would keep the rest of us from finding out that the earth is hollow. I love kooky stuff like this and I'm a bit disappointed that Dr. Agnew only hints at the conspiracy aspect of his theory... No satellite photos of the North Pole exist... The US government has something to do with the lack of such photos... The North Pole just so happens to be the location of the portal linking our earth to inner-earth...

If you enjoy these sorts of things as much as I do then I recommend watching the entire video which culminates in a quick proposal for a project to embark upon an expedition inside the hollow earth for just $2 million. I love it! YouTube.

Update: More on the Hollow Earth Theory at Wikipedia.

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All this sounds interesting and kind of cool to think about. One thing you do have to take into consideration is the fact that everybody "knew" the earth was the center of the universe at one time, everybody "knew" the earth was flat, and there have been many things that many "knew" were true and later on have been proven wrong.

I'm not saying that this guy is right or wrong. All I'm saying is that it's possible...just not probable. We haven't even discovery our whole outer layer of the earth yet. We have found lost worlds and we haven't even mapped out the entire ocean floor.

There is, however, one thing that I don't understand about his theory. If this hollow earth theory is true...then where is all the magma coming from in volcanoes and when tectonic plates move apart???
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i really needed a laugh and this sure did the trick! my friend wanted me to write him a research paper on this but its really just a joke so i dont think i will.

his theory is totally proved wrong just by his own research. if the center of gravity is the crust between the two oceans, how is the "inner sun" staying in tact? and if all that is inside the "inner earth" is ocean, how is there giant plants and animals down there as well.

hmm.. well i guess its a way to get money from other crazy people right?

not a bad idea.. im going to make up a totally ludicrous theory and post it on youtube and see if people will send me money for it!
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I saw the so called expedition ten years ago! they have been selling tickets all that time changing the date each they cancelled it cause the crook that was running it died and a new company has started up...they will never go- mind you I have not found any photos of north pole either!
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Uhm, what about the Top Gear dudes ? They drove a car to the exact top of the earth, I didn`t see any huuuuge hole, or spaceships, or any "giants" running around up there...
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