Dolphin Bubbles... too... soothing... zzzzzz

Maybe dolphins cavorting around is nothing new to those of you with season passes to Sea World, but this Iowa girl is pretty entertained.

YouTube Link - Cute Overload

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A few years back we went to SeaWorld Orlando. When we went down to the view window for the dolphin tank, some woman was doing this weird stuff. She'd rub her hands on the plexi, and the dolphins would come up to her and stare at her . So when she left, we figured we could expand on it. We'd rub on the windows, get their attention then go running away.

Yes, we played chase/hide n seek with the dolphins for hours. You could tell they wanted to chase or be chased by the way they moved their bodies. The viewing screen was almost 180 degrees, then the tank itself went past the end of the viewing area, so we'd hide behind it and jump out after they chased us. Never knew dolphins blew bubbles when they laughed. We took video of it with an old digital camera; one of these days I need to convert it and put it up.
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if i were to choose one animal to be, it would probably be an uncaptured dolphin. yea, ted-- sad that we marvel at animals through the plastic homes we build for them... you would think that more people would be vegetarian due to the moral displeasure of seeing road-kill.. but alas, people have no feelings
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In case anyone wondered, that music was from "Into the Woods" by Steven Sondheim called "No One is Alone".
It's sad that I notice music first. But yes, that was very interesting.
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I'm with you ted. I've got very mixed feelings about seeing animals in captivity.
Watching Hawaiian spinner dolphins cavorting off the coast of Kauai was one of the most profound experiences of my life...but I still didn't get to see what they were up to underwater.
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Well, there's 'bad guys' in all races. I was speaking of general trends. There's a reason that, as a whole, the Dolphins have such a good rep.

Next on the news, an expose on the secret life:

Dolphins: Murder on Porpoise.
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