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"China is investing in supercomputers to improve research and to undertake the complicated and long calculations needed for climate modelling, genetic research, seismic imaging and defence."

"China is investing in supercomputers to improve research and to undertake the complicated and long calculations needed for government pastime, bragging rights, and making building construction as cheap as possible."
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I've only read a few chapters from Wuthering Heights, but from what I understand, this book us about anything but true love. And I can already see that Heathcliff is a complete jerk. How he can be viewed as "romantic" is beyond me.

But number 1 shouldn't be a surprise. Hate those Mary Sue's with a heart myself.
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@Vonskippy: Advertise?

"Gorillaz - Stylo (HD)"
This video contains content from EMI. It is not available in your country.

More like "Because your country is in northern Europe, has a population less than 5 million and has a stupid spoon-shape, we hate you, HA!"

Strangely, only the "official" music vids are blocked. Tour ads, behind the scenes, remixes and such aren't blocked.
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I could only answer 3 and 4, the rest were guesses and ended up at 30% (6 correct). The again, I'm from Norway....yeah, how can socialists be American?
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Since this "laser shield" sweeps for CCD sensors, I believe the paparazzi will simply dust off his good old film camera. Or just get a CMOS camera, if my assumption is correct.
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I didn't have much problem learning cursive, mainly because we skipped the printing font altogether and actually abolished it. However, I have to admit that my cursive is bordering to extremely ugly, but if I were to write in printing, it'd go slower than a dead snail....and probably be even uglier. My typing however is much faster than my handwriting ever will be.

But I have my neurofibromatosis (genetic defect) to blame for my reduced fine-motors. I am 19, and I dare to brag that I'm fairly above average intelligent. Before Christmas, my IQ measured up at 128, even though I screwed up and selected "copper" when I knew the answer was the alloy "bronze". Then again, I'm not the very creative person.

But the plus sides of typing are seemingly ignored. If you do a misspelling when handwriting, I'll need to get out your eraser, squiggle it a little, and resume your writing. On a computer, you simply put the marker where you went wrong and correct it without hassle. But if you want to edit an entire sentence, you're screwed if this was in the middle of your document. Even worse if you use an ink pen instead of a pencil. And if you want to redo the entire thing, instead of wasting paper, you just press Ctrl+A and backspace.

But as mentioned, handwriting increases the fine-motors, but demanding it to look like it was traced from a chart, is simply a poor display of ancient attitude.
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I think I'll go for a pair of scleral contacts instead. Safer, quicker, easier and you're not jamming pigments directly into your eyeball. And you can remove them once halloween is over.
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Good point, Wes. But then again, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine is a far greater mouthful than nineteen ninety-nine.

And Juice: Yes, Norway is screwed. Don't ask.
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Strange. Here in Norway, the suggested "correct" version that our networks have to comply with is "two tousand and ten". But you're not jailed for saying "twenty-ten" either, but our language council wants it that way.

But grammatically, "twenty-ten" is thirty. Or in hex, "twenty-A" is simply the most important number ever.
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Seriously, Peppermint?!?!? That's the name you give to your pet mouse, and NOT your child!

Really.....when I'm finally into getting a family, two should be enough, a 3/4 chance to keep my faulty NF1 gene alive.....
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