This Painting Is Not Available In Your Country

Image: Paul Mutant [Flickr]

Paul Mutant's "This painting is not available in your country" (2010) imagines what it would be like if art galleries were run like Hulu and other Interweb sites that don't allow international visitors - via Accordion Guy

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@Vonskippy: Advertise?

"Gorillaz - Stylo (HD)"
This video contains content from EMI. It is not available in your country.

More like "Because your country is in northern Europe, has a population less than 5 million and has a stupid spoon-shape, we hate you, HA!"

Strangely, only the "official" music vids are blocked. Tour ads, behind the scenes, remixes and such aren't blocked.
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the last time I checked advertisers are most interested in promoting their product, then they are with how or where. Plus you remove the added cost of paying the dreaded "content managers."
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People are still dumb enough to think that media sites are there to serve media.

WAKE UP - they're they to serve ADVERTISEMENTS.

Since the people paying for those advertisements are local - why would they want to waste bandwidth/infrastructure/support (i.e. MONEY) on allowing outsiders who will most likely never buy the stuff being advertised - to watch for free.
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