Boy Invents a Foot-Powered Toilet Lid Lifter

Jake Wulf is a gifted 9-year-old boy from Odebolt, Iowa who has but one weakness: he can't remember to lower the toilet seat after he's done.

Tired of his mom getting mad at him, he decided to invent the Privy Prop, a foot-powered lever sort of like the one you see for trash cans:

It was during a visit to a doctor's office that Jake's idea for the "Privy Prop" began to take shape.

He noticed the lid to a small trash can, which opened and closed with a foot-powered lever. He went home and told his parents that he wanted to design a similar device for the toilet. [...]

Jake built plywood base and then cut thin pieces of steel and fashioned a teeter-totter at the bottom. You step on it and the seats raises. You step off and it closes. - via The Misfit

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Yay! It took an innovative 9-year old to give a "fair shake" to men everywhere. No more grabbing of nasty toilet seats, or harrassment from women who seem to embrace equality of the genders in every other way than the stupid "toilet seat rule". Good for him. I hope the family changes their mind and opts to patent this little invention.

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Lower the seat :
- avoids dropped objects to be wet
- avoids projections when flushing (European toilets even more)
- avoids particules to be sent airborne
- avoids mom to be mad at you. you love ur mom, don;t u? ;)

Just for the 1st 1 I lower it. Cluttered bathroom and clumsy people don't go together :)
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So tired of parents (and then the media ) fawning all over stupid kid ideas. Like this is something that hasn't been done a million times already.

If an adult came up with this, people would go *eh*, not want to pay money for it, and move on.

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