Lounge Lizard

Flickr user manmadepants http://www.flickr.com/photos/borrowed/ uploaded this photo with the story that explains it.
I swear on my life this is 100% real. I was walking down the street looking for stuff to photograph and this guy is just sitting outside a coffee shop with this 80 year old woman and he is taking these little sofa things out of a bag. Then he opens another compartment in the bag and there are about five lizards like this guy. Then he would pose them and they would just sit there like this. Don't really know why.

Link -via Reddit

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Yeah, there was a little girl on Letterman (or maybe Leno) a few years back that did just this. Hypnotize lizards & put them in dresses & weird outfits. This looks cooler though.

Besides, you start letting lizards wear clothes and what's next? They'll want The Vote!
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I was a vet assistant for awhile. The method of "lizard hynotism" I was taught for iguanids was to press or rub gently-gently behind their eyes. But don't try this at home, Folks.
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