Dirty Computer Pictures

Some people eat at their computers. Some smoke while computing. And some don't change the filter on their heating and air system as often as they should. Many of us never open up our computers to see what's inside, but that's the first thing your computer repair expert will do. If your PC is anything like these computers, the next thing he/she will do is take a picture. The Register has six pages of these dirty, filthy pictures. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/13/ventblockers/ -via Digg

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My mother replaced her 8 year old Compaq with a Dell a few years back. She used to sit at the computer for a few hours a day smoking the whole time, my grandmother would do the same at a different time of day.

When the new computer arrived, my husband and I offered to set it up for her and transfer her old files to the new hard drive.

When we opened up the Compaq, I had to leave the room to keep from vomiting. There was at least 3/4 inch of tar lumped on top of everything plus another inch of dust.

We weren't able to salvage much. And my mom wondered why the Compaq quit working.
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I'm ashamed to say it, but some of those computers looked very similar to what we used to have. Oh I take much better care of my comps now, but back in the day, I didn't know any better.
Plus living in a very old house with wood floors and pets... dust and hair builds up quickly. I'm surprised some of those computers ran as well as they did lol.
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and if the health risks are not enough, how about killing your computer with dirt?

My last computer the power supply shorted out cuz I hadn't cleaned it...
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