Wear Your Helmet!

11-year-old Savannah Haworth was riding her bike home when a car ran over her arm, shoulder and head! She was taken to a hospital, but suffered only minor scrapes and bruises.
The helmet she was wearing bore the brunt of the impact and shattered into pieces.

Savannah's parents Harvey and Gillian believe if their daughter had not been wearing the protective head gear, she would now be dead.

Accounts manager Harvey said: 'Without her helmet Savannah would have sustained serious head injuries or would have been killed. She's been a very, very lucky girl.'

Link -via Unique Daily

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Savannah Haworth is my best friend at school, we've known each other from nursery. I nearly cried when our teacher told us the morning after the accident!

I thought it was a miricle tha she lived! I went to see her after the accident at her house ( recovering) and she was very jolly - watching potter puppet pals on you tube!! She was very fragile of course with bruises on her head where her helmet was and her elbow bone was crushed slightly.

Now you know why they say wear a helmet.....
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since most serious or fatal head injuries are caused by car accidents (at least in the u.k anyway), i personally feel that everybody in cars should be made to wear helmets as well. what's that i hear you cry?...
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A helmet actually noted as SAVING A KID!!!! Seriously, this is great and all, but helmets being mandatory is idiotic. I went to a school with 1000 kids. About 250 of them biked to school. In five years not one was even HIT by a car. (This was the late 80's.) The one person hit and killed by a car was in my class, and was walking.

Since I left that school, there has been one cycling related death. And a helmet wouldn't have helped there. She was riding on the sidewalk (illegal in England), and the load on the back of a lorry swung out and decapitated her.

This story is honestly the first one I've EVER read that indicates the helmet actually saved someone. Now as I said, it's great that she's okay. But speaking as someone who used to ride motorbikes in a somewhat idiotic fashion, all I found was the helmet gave me a false sense of security. I wonder how many kids wearing helmets have been killed?
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@"Some twits say that we shouldn’t wear helmets because they make drivers complacent. Drivers are supposedly more careful if bikers aren’t wearing helmets."

This is true in the Netherlands, a well regarded university study showed that cars pas an avarage of 15 cm closer if the cyclist is wearing a helmet. Of course Dutch trafic is very used to bikes.
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