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I have NF myself and I've met a woman how also has a fibroma (that lump) in her face. She was actually in her late 20's, but looked far older, more like her 60's. Haven't seen her in years, though.

But I guess I can consider myself lucky, I got my fibroma on the back of my right femur. But it's quite large, so an operation is considered for me too, but only if it turns into a serious pain, which it isn't(yet?).

But just to clear things up: Not everybody get's the fibroma in their faces (like me), and it's not the fibroma itself that is the disease (if you can call it that). Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurofibromatosis_type_I
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Aww, I loved Beatiful People! The best part though, was the one where the nimals got "drunk" from rotten fruits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypXJaLQXKQk
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hehe! You're stil whining, at 4 USD per gallon, we were thriving. nowdays, we in Norway paying about 13NOK per liter, or about $9.60 per gallon, see for yourself: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

And I guess the gas prices is a reason why I can see at least seven different electric cars around where I live, not counting the two my dad has...
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Bah, just don't care the seeds. They're just a minor source of nutrients :) it's not like there's going to grow a tree out of your stomach if you eat them...
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Another humiliating award would have to be the Golden Razzie, given to worst movie/actor/actress/etc etc. Halle Berry actually accepted the worst actress award for Catwoman!

The statuette:http://www.filmica.com/hardasmal/archivos/razzie.jpg
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Sadly, we have the plans and all for our house :*( We did however find some 50 year old newspapers in the wall...with an add for our old kitchen XD which is currently being renovated.
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The underdogs are mentioned :)

For those of you who wanna know, 1.00 USD = 5.05 NOK but a rule of thumb says 1.00 USD = 10 NOK, as our taxes are beyond sick...25% VAT...
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Weren't it some potato chip that looked like Jesus himself too? Just when something is vaguely in the shape of something, people freaks out. OH GOD, my birthmark looks like...coffe spilled on linoleum floor!!!
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Geez, these guys are giving rabbits a serious challenge. But let's see how fun it is when this kid's got dark skin and black curly hair...hehe....
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