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L.C. really has a point. Humanity sucks in general. We've shot animals for fun, we fight over religion, we're ruining the atmosphere...frankly, I think the Earth would do better with us in the pre-stone age...

For Beauty, she's a lucky one. I hope Neatorama follows her progress.
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Since when did humanity finger away on the toilet seat say...four to five hours each day on a daily basis? I can tell you, your cellphone's even dirtier! There's nice and warm down in your pocket, just perfect for bacterias to thrive...
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Dresing up dogs is just...so...WRONG!!! Sure, a dog looks better clean and groomed, maybe a bowtie on their head, but I'd rather have a normal dog that just want to lick me in my face rather than one dressed up as Cinderella that wants to eat my eyeballs out of my skull..
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I really don't get the idea..."heavy handles tips the bowl over"? Sadly, I've never encountered that problem in my life. I just put the spoon into the bowl, keeping those twenty bucks. Could be some cross-atlantic differences in table manners, though....
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In an attempt to escape the messy whereabouts of his parents, he inadvertently flushed himself to freedom, only to find he had outgrown his emergency escape route.
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