Secret Rooms

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover a secret room in your house that you didn’t know about? It happens, and sometimes it’s not so wonderful. One couple found a room that had been sealed up because of harmful mold! Others are delighted by such a discovery. And if you don’t have one, you can have a secret room added, or build your own! Link -via Dark Roasted Blend

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My family owns a property in creswick and me and my brother are building cabins and I had the same idea to build a room smaller then the main room and im going to nail a book shelf on the door, but its mainly to create more space, well really save it! Its going to be on a side of a pergola.
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This is pretty awesome. I'm planning on having my house built and being riddled with seekrit passageways and such. There will actually be no obvious way to get into the giant library. :D This just gives me some more fantastic ideas for it.
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What idiot would seal off a room rather than fix a mold problem? Mold comes from retained moisture, especially in dark poorly ventilated areas. Closing the room up doesn't fix anything -- those spores can still find a way out. Dumb previous owners.
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Sadly, we have the plans and all for our house :*( We did however find some 50 year old newspapers in the wall...with an add for our old kitchen XD which is currently being renovated.
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