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Growing up, my parents had an old book set of tales that did have the varied gruesome versions in them. But I think the stories were also told with consequence and morality so the gruesome parts were just "parts" but not the focus of the stories. I remembered these stories were entertaining and not scary. Just like how we used to love huddling together in the dark sharing ghost stories or urban legends.

I read the Neil Gaiman version about Snow White from the Queen's perspective where the prince was actually a necrophiliac. It was supposed to be a take on how the Queen was misunderstood. It was an interesting take and obviously not for children to read.
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I think it can depend on the relationship with the owner though. I have a border collie. She's quick to learn everything but she's also very independent minded so sometimes she just doesn't feel like it. Sometimes I'll say, "oh you know what I am saying so stop being lazy" and she'll do what I asked without me saying another word. She can count to four, pick out colors, listen to what I'm saying without calling commands (I talk to her in a regular manner and she responds better that way), and hula dance (ha ha...ok that's just me being silly playing with my dog as she's standing on two legs and hopping around). But she also ate a doorway, chewed through lip stick when there were cookies on the table, almost ran after a car chasing the wheels...and if she hears a door bell noise that isn't even coming from the doorbell...she still barks and runs looking for a door. Eh...still I love this dog! Ha!

However, I think some dogs just have great relationships with their owners despite breed. They can show the same level of intelligence as so called smart dogs. I also think if the owner changes their lifestyle...the dog will either adjust after a while or become bored and destructive.
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I'm not cynical. I do think perspective can be taught to a child. I dabble with art at home so my daughter's interested and soaks up everything like a sponge. Watercolors are always a fun medium. There used to be this neat local exhibition at malls of children who did amazingly creative and beautiful works of art from all the local schools (so it wasn't just art schools or private schools but all). It's completely possible. I say as long as they are having fun, that's great!
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I did the one with the soy sauce, chicken, and veggies. It's pretty good. I've seen some people put hot sauce in it but...I don't really want to try that version...
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Maybe instead of thinking of "cost of children", it's a lifestyle choice really. People who don't want children or want to spend on children don't have to have them. That can be a respectable choice. Those who want the children are more than willing to make the adjustments needed to afford them. Which that was our choice, to have children and adjust. Then there are those who seamlessly add children into their lives without sacrificing any prior lifestyle while enriching their kids lives. And sadly there are those who have a ton of kids for freebies and like someone said...they use their kids as excuses to get out of work and everything. I've seem far too many treat babies like a tax break and neglect them. Therefore, children cost them nothing. Very sad and to me, is the worst choice possible anyone could take.
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Here's the thing, you can characterize anyone as having a mental illness. This type of "mystery" can be attributed to anyone with talent coupled with fame. Like the "27 club" of musicians. The reason we are all shocked is because we think someone who is beautiful, successful, or extremely gifted would have the ticket to happiness. Yet we are all susceptible to our own demons we have to fight. There is nothing to say women writers are likely to commit suicide than people tend to pair depression with women authors who've committed suicide. Depression is a crazy hall of mirrors where nothing seems to feel right, look right, or even seem right no matter what the public or loved ones tell you.
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Neatorama is very visual in presentation and intellectual at the same time. I can't compare so I won't! (^_^) Wonderful talent here with an eye for interesting things and mind boggling concepts. I love that the team has different styles of posting as well as interests. Congrats! You guys deserve it!
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While some people are being let go for trivial stuff, some people are harder to get rid of than a wart!

Well, I've had instances where the bored higher ups checked employee's personal blogs for any dirt.

When it comes to things like that it's more of a matter of the hurt ego than it is of principle. They had to kiss a lot of butts to get there and don't want some comic strip revealing their true nature...I guess. Whoops...

Good thing I quit working for corporate America a while ago, I'd be fired right now.
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What gets me is how dependent pets are on you. At one point, it sounds crazy to leave stuff behind for your pet if you pass. And at another point, who would take care of the pet if you are gone? I think about that all the time. My feelings about my dog are just as strong as they are with my child.
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