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I was thinking that calligraphy is similar to different fancy electronic fonts. Most types of fonts we can still read the difference and some are so fancy that it's complicated. But one is handwritten, the other is typed. Although I write mainly in cursive, I can see how it isn't a basic that needs to be taught in schools. But the only thing I think cursive would be used for these days are signatures.
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All these different opinions about parenting can make your head spin. Even the "best" advice can backfire given a situation. There is just no manual, no shortcut, or fool proof answer with "perfect" parenting. But I'm still guilty of looking at these books, practicing it, finding out it just didn't work. The What to Expect book didn't cover a lot of what we went through. "Be Prepared", that actually did. http://www.beprepared.net/sample.html

My children are going to wonder about me when they get older, ha!
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Mmm. I think I know what you mean Ted. But I also know what it means to all kinds of people in relationships that marriage makes it official, it makes it recognized. Makes it more than civil unions. Some people don't get that and well, they shouldn't have to. I don't think it can be assumed how they actually feel about it. It depends on what those two think in the end, not what others think. As it is with marriages in itself, it's always what the couple thinks is the right thing to do. : )
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Wouldn't it be nice? Standing in the grocery store line would be a little more visual. You know you don't want to browse the magazine rack but what else is there to do? Brilliant whoever decided to put those little products up front because I don't need several containers of hand sanitizer and chap stick. But they were there...and I was bored...Where's the flying pig when you need him?
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If I had that remote chance of my grown child finding a pretty cool postcard of celebrating in a classy form...it'd much better than when some blogger caught me on film with my shirt tucked into my underwear coming from the bathroom. Those chances are one in ten. Meh. Meh!
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I agree with the reason being that it is a tribute and a symbolic gesture. My spouse works with caskets and there are times where it "can" get to be repetitive and lose meaning. But there are people who really take to heart the traditions and meanings to funeral rites, celebrating someone's life after they have passed. If you turn the coin and think if they hadn't done this or even had a funeral...that's the truly sad part. I know when my grandmother passed (I was so close to her), I found out we were having a baby at the same time. It's just nice to see the circle of life keep going. It helps you move on, remember happy times, look towards the future. Funerals and the traditions/celebrations around them are personal, not everyone has to get it. But I most certainly do.
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Congrats! She's beautiful! We're expecting our second little girl so...is it really true that with your third child you go from sanitizing everything to just wiping stuff from the floor on your shirt? Ha ha! Enjoy those sweet baby times!
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