Man finds picture of mother in shoe box

Reg Barker, a teaching assistant from the U.K., purchased a tattered shoe box filled with hundreds of old postcards.  He was drawn towards one that showed a crowd celebrating Victory in Europe Day, May 8, 1945.  He was amazed to see what looked like his adoptive mother and aunt dancing with Canadian troops.

At the time his mother was working as a 24-year-old seamstress at Harrods and had been given the day off work to mark the end of the Second World War in Europe.

Mr Barker of Mildenhall, Suffolk, said: "As I looked closer I saw a young woman dancing and laughing.

"She was dressed immaculately and I realised it looked like my mum next to my aunt. I just could not believe my eyes. I was utterly speechless

"I was 90 per cent sure it was her, but I was able to double check by comparing the card with old pictures of her that I had from the war years.

"I could then tell for sure that it was definitely them. The coincidence of finding it is absolutely staggering. The odds must be millions to one.


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Whoa. Weird and small world indeed - I went to Mildenhall's Riverside Middle school with Reggie Barker, same face, less hair. My dad was stationed at Lakenheath AFB, and I got into a fight with him after he called me a "yank wanker" once too often - 35 years later, I'm now in Richmond VA, and some things you don't forget.
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When my husband was working in a thrift store, he came across a binder of old magazines that had belonged to a relative of his who lived several states away. How they got to our area, good question.
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@ G


I have been keeping journals that I hope I can pass on to my descendants as a keepsake. Nothing like knowing that great-great-great-great Grandpa Ali was a curmudgeon who liked dark chocolate. :p
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If I had that remote chance of my grown child finding a pretty cool postcard of celebrating in a classy'd much better than when some blogger caught me on film with my shirt tucked into my underwear coming from the bathroom. Those chances are one in ten. Meh. Meh!
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