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I believe it. You'd be surprised how true this can be even in this day and age. Some people do wait a lifetime for a loved one to come back and sometimes that love keeps them going.

Imagine the difference between being reunited after you've long given up and being reunited after always keeping this person in your heart.

Some people are irreplaceable.
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You have to wonder, who are they using to represent this research? I immediately thought it was a nonsensical question. But then I've also seen the people who ask the random statistical questions like these. They're always catching people who have other things on their minds. Is this really representative?

Aren't statistics sort of like this question? A comparison but of what? Those numbers always change and it's crazy to think people make solid decisions based on surveys and controlled groups that "represent the masses".
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Isn't the gold so thin that it really doesn't cost much to make? It sounds kind of like those legends where Cleopatra drank pearls thinking it did something beneficial. Looks only, I guess?
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