10 Blogs to Find Wonderful Things

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb wrote an article titled 10 Sites For Finding Wonderful Things, and guess who made it to the list?

Yup - it's this lil' blog! Here's what he said about Neatorama:

Neatorama is a lot like BoingBoing, but a lot less high-brow and a little more fun. Regular games of "What Is It?" challenge readers to identify photographs of old and unusual objects. The whole site is almost a clearinghouse of weird and it's a much quicker read than BoingBoing.

"Clearinghouse of the wierd," now that's a tag line! (And do people really think Neatorama is like Boing Boing?) See who else made the list: Link

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Neatorama is very visual in presentation and intellectual at the same time. I can't compare so I won't! (^_^) Wonderful talent here with an eye for interesting things and mind boggling concepts. I love that the team has different styles of posting as well as interests. Congrats! You guys deserve it!
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I found Neatorama through BoingBoing and for a while I read both. After a short while though the pretentiousness and hipster nonsense wore on me and I started reading Neatorama exclusively.

Neatorama is so great because it is a consistently updated blog with great content. Boingboing updates frequently but about 90% of it's posts I couldn't care less about. Oh, and BoingBoingTV is absolutely abysmal...
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Neatorama is way more fun than BoingBoing. It's also a lot more kid-friendly.

Despite being subtitled "A Directory of Wondeful Things" BB is written by people who can't wait for an opportunity to insert their heavily lefty political stance into the posts, and that's only palatable if you're like-minded.

I suspect their audience is the so-called hipster 18 to 30 or so demographic - or people who identify with same, ( I know a 50 year old father of two who does) whereas Neatorama's is far more inclusive.
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Neatorama is the first blogsite I became addicted to......and I come here everyday because I can always find something that truly amuses me. I also like Nothing To Do With Arbroath and Haha.nu. I look for something that will give me a good laugh at the start of my day. I can usually find it at Neatorama. All of the other blogs I read will be visited after I come home from work. Thank you, Neatorama, for starting my day with a good laugh.
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Oh really, they are both weblogs. They both post interesting items. Some interest me, some don't. Boing Boing has ALWAYS had a social/political stance in a fairly narrow field. Thank god for that, it's an important ongoing dialog dealing with one of the most important freedoms that we have! Of course it's serious. Boing Boing never said it would be quirky all the time nor that it would make you laugh all the time. So this site and that are different, vive la difference!
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