Dogs As Smart As Toddlers

New research has revealed that dogs are as intelligent as two year old children. The study pointed to border collies being the smartest breed, followed by poodles. Interestingly, the average dog also seems to have the social skills of teenage humans.
On average dogs can learn approximately 165 words. The more intelligent dogs can acquire a vocabulary awareness of around 250 words. In math skills, dogs are aware of numerical differences up to five digits and can calculate the difference.

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@pad2: "Dogs can understand our feelings than a 2 year old child."

Oddly enough, my 2 year old child can construct a better sentence than that.
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I think it can depend on the relationship with the owner though. I have a border collie. She's quick to learn everything but she's also very independent minded so sometimes she just doesn't feel like it. Sometimes I'll say, "oh you know what I am saying so stop being lazy" and she'll do what I asked without me saying another word. She can count to four, pick out colors, listen to what I'm saying without calling commands (I talk to her in a regular manner and she responds better that way), and hula dance (ha ha...ok that's just me being silly playing with my dog as she's standing on two legs and hopping around). But she also ate a doorway, chewed through lip stick when there were cookies on the table, almost ran after a car chasing the wheels...and if she hears a door bell noise that isn't even coming from the doorbell...she still barks and runs looking for a door. Eh...still I love this dog! Ha!

However, I think some dogs just have great relationships with their owners despite breed. They can show the same level of intelligence as so called smart dogs. I also think if the owner changes their lifestyle...the dog will either adjust after a while or become bored and destructive.
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Sorry, Briannana.

You're going to have to do much more than that to prove your non-hatred of cats. You will have to post nothing but positive comments at the next cute five cute kitten videos posted here. If you include the words "I can has" or "lolz", your sentence can be reduced to four comments.
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