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I have the same odd relationship with seafood. I've always just said I don't like it, but then always had to explain when people would see me eating it nad say "I thought you didn't like seafood". My only explanation is that I'm not a picky eater at all, I'll eat anything, but I don't ever go nuts over crab or lobster or shrimp like some people I've known. I could also eat a cheeseburger or a steak for dinner every single night and not mind at all, but I could see myself getting sick of eating seafood every night. I also enjoy sushi and sashimi in moderation. So, to sum up, my "not liking something" is not the same as a picky eaters "not liking something".
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@Chris G.

It's been a while since I read Ender's Game, but I seem to recall that their "Internet" had a realtively strict identity and accountability protocol. Didn't they have to be sneaky to protray themselves as the personalities they posted as? I remember them being aftraid of being exposed.
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No not showering is not the same as not using soap or shampoo. I only use soap if I've been working on the car and get oil or grease on my hands. I stopped using soap when I was a kid, I hated the way it made my skin feel. There are some theories that excessive greasiness is actually a symptom of stripping away the natural oils of the skin via daily washing with soap (more like chemical detergent because hardly anyone uses real soap anymore).

Being stinky is more a symptom of not bathing at all and wearing the same clothes over and over.
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@Rumson You state in the mirror while tripping on acid? Are you trying to give yourself a severe psychotic break?

I couldn't even pass a mirror in that state, things would reach out at me.
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No No, the real reason is that a giraffe's brain runs mostly on hydrogen (as everyone knows) and being lighter than air, this causes the giraffe's head to want to float. Over the years the constant pulling on the necks has forced the animal to grow long neck to remain anchored to the earth.
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