Get Rid of Splinters with ... Banana Peel?

Got splinters? Don't reach for the tweezers - according to Wikimommy there's an easier way to get rid of those pesky ouchies. Just get some bananas:

Banana peels are said to be very effective in removing splinters. Simply tape a peel to your splinter, and leave on for 5-10 minutes. The enzymes will help dislodge the splinter and heal the wound.

Has anyone ever successfully done this?

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OMG banana peels are a miracle! All morning was a nightmare with our resident splinter remover (the dad) gone for the weekend. Usually we wait until he gets home (even for my own splinters!) but couldn't wait all weekend, especially because my boy couldn't walk because it was in his foot. So I (the mom) had to force the issue with tweezers, a pin, soaking in the hot tub, soaking in warm soapy water, crying, screaming, teddy bear no avail. It felt like days rather than hours! Then I remembered reading about banana peels removing splinters in First Magazine a long time ago. So I looked it up and found this info about it, whoohoo! We went to the store, got a banana, taped part of a peel on the area, and about 10 minutes later we couldn't even find it. The area was a little tender from all the trauma but there was no longer any pain, he could walk, and most important, NO SPLINTER!!! Thank GOD for miracle home remedies!
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Duct tape. See which angle the splinter is in the skin (is possible). Put the duct tape firmly over the splinter and pull it off quickly.

My dad's a beekeeper and this is a handy tip for bee stings. You have to get stung by a bee not a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket. It doesn't work on those stings. If a bee stings you (they can only sting you once) the barb stays in your skin and the bee dies. Remove the stinger with tweezers being careful not to squeeze the venom sac hanging on the end of the barb pulsing away shooting more and more bee venom into you. Put a drop of honey on the spot where you got stung and a band-aid over the honey so you don't get sticky. The pain will stop immediately. This works. I have gotten stung too many times so I know about this.

Honey is good for burns, too.

One more thing. The FDA says honey can be cut up to 50% with corn syrup and still be called 'honey', 'all natural', 'real honey' and 'organic'. Local honey is your best bet for 100% real honey.
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