The Strange-face-in-the-mirror Illusion

The old parlor trick of staring at yourself in a mirror until your face starts to change has now been studied scientifically. Giovanni Caputo led a study in which 50 people tried the trick and reported their reactions.

At the end of a 10 min session of mirror gazing, the participant was asked to write what he or she saw in the mirror. The descriptions differed greatly across individuals and included: (a) huge deformations of one’s own face (reported by 66% of the fifty participants); (b) a parent’s face with traits changed (18%), of whom 8% were still alive and 10% were deceased; (c) an unknown person (28%); (d) an archetypal face, such as that of an old woman, a child, or a portrait of an ancestor (28%); (e) an animal face such as that of a cat, pig, or lion (18%); (f ) fantastical and monstrous beings (48%).

Have you ever tried this? The effect can be really creepy, like this video example from Lasse Gjertsen (in Norwegain, but may sound NSFW). The entire article is available as a pdf, or you can read a summary at Mind Hacks. Link -via Metafilter

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I've done this often. It's an interesting, quick meditation method. You can see al sorts of strange things.

To those who say they can't see anything - stop staring and relax.
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@Rumson You state in the mirror while tripping on acid? Are you trying to give yourself a severe psychotic break?

I couldn't even pass a mirror in that state, things would reach out at me.
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Yeah, this is an interesting thing to do to your mind. Did it with a few friends when I was 19, while tripping on acid. Verrry intense, kinda scary, and often hilarious. Give it a shot, I DARE you!!!
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I didn't know this was a thing anyone else experienced. I don't get anything too weird, but I've always had a weird disconnect when I look at myself in the mirror too long, like there's another person on the other side of the glass. Interesting.
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"The Strange-face-in-the-mirror Illusion"

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