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I agree that it is certainly an interesting area. But that description is a bit pretentious. Afterall, it's just an artificial hill. And when they say "calm and dynamic zones" I hope they're not refering to the kinetic/potential energy difference between the top middle and bottom of something rolling down a hill, that demands disrespect.
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Having these types of items once a year when the county fair comes round isn't going to make you fat, as vonskippy said. All or nothing approaches to diet generally don't turn out well. You're either going to relapse or be an insufferable dolt.
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humans only extract 5% of the oxygen from the air we breath, and our digestive systems are only about 50% efficient, so yes, this could work. It's likely that at some point in the future, you'd kill for a turd burger.
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Man, sometimes you make good points and sometimes you just talk in circles. I showed objective (assuming acceptance of standard villian/hero archetype of entertainment) evidence to refute your two main claims and now you're talking about my perceptions (as if you know them) and quoting Charles Manson. Oh well, you can't have structured arguments with everyone.
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I have the same odd relationship with seafood. I've always just said I don't like it, but then always had to explain when people would see me eating it nad say "I thought you didn't like seafood". My only explanation is that I'm not a picky eater at all, I'll eat anything, but I don't ever go nuts over crab or lobster or shrimp like some people I've known. I could also eat a cheeseburger or a steak for dinner every single night and not mind at all, but I could see myself getting sick of eating seafood every night. I also enjoy sushi and sashimi in moderation. So, to sum up, my "not liking something" is not the same as a picky eaters "not liking something".
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"That negativity is apparently overlooked as if it were some kind of righteousness."

Come now, how many episodes have you actually seen? in Bubblevicious, Bubbles tries to be tougher, but goes too far, and is admonished by her sisters and some townspeople.
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Good show and costumes.

"They spent six million dollars to give me all new bionic parts. Made me stronger, better, faster than I was. Then you know what they did? They put me to work! They expected me to pay it all back! Do you have any idea how long six million bucks takes to pay off on a government salary!?"
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