Japanese Fembot Has Incredibly Realistic Facial Expressions

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Actroid-F looks almost human. Not just in the way its face is sculpted, but the way that it moves. Guinness World Records lists it as the first true android. In the above video, the robot mimics the expressions of its operator. The people behind the project suggest that it could be placed in hospitals as an observer.

via CrunchGear

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What I would like to know, is that all it can do ? Just facial expressions and move the head ? This thing hasn't shown any movement of the body except for bowing slightly. ( Let's see it tap dance.) Also, this thing probably needs to be carried to where ever it has to be set up. The computer and whover runs the computer also has to be there to give commands. And, I don't know if there are wires that are running to this thing or if it is wireless.
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I find it so interesting that these robots always seem to be female-d.
However, I do agree with Bacon Glory that perhaps these female robots are the best option for these guys.
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This is one of the first robots that hasn't struck me as 'creepy' by its look and animation. All previous that I've seen has had something 'wrong' with it (the uncanny valley phenomenon). But I don't seem to find this one unsettling. More amazing, really. On a 'gut-reaction' level, that is. Of course, when you get into the whole 'omg robotz uprising' aspect, that's another story. :P

Also, what does any of this have to do with feminism?? Its a demonstration of a robot.
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Clearly we won't be needing blade runners anytime soon.

"placed in hospitals as an observer"

That's a joke right? Weird Japanese humor maybe?
I wouldn't want to wake up from a hospital bed and see something like that staring at me! What are they trying to to? Scare their patients to death?
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