The Smoking Orangutan

You'd think that being in a cage would make it hard to feed a smoking habit, but that's not the case in Malaysia. Here's the shocking story of how visitors to the Johor Baru zoo fed Shirley, a 25-year-old orangutan cigarettes, just to watch her smoke:

The government-run zoo in in Johor Baru has erected a 'no smoking' sign but that will do precious little to stop the sad practice while attendants turn their backs on it.

Shirley spends much of her sad existence tearing apart drinks cans and chewing on food wrappers thrown at her by visitors.

She regularly reaches through the bars of her cage to beg for cigarettes.

The Daily Mail is there: Link

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As for the article, it's so sad that we lock these animals in a cage to protect them from us. Because we're to stupid or cruel to realize that they want basically what we all want: companionship, mental stimulus, the chance to live an interesting life.

Meh. I'm off my soapbox for now.
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What's "neato" about Neatorama is that the content engages your brain. Sometimes it's just for fun. Sometimes it's intended to make you think -- and question things that aren't very pleasant. Doing so might cause you to strive for positive changes in the world.

If you demand only super happy fun time from your surfing, maybe you should stick to sites that show only baby animals or Fox News?
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