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I don't see it as that strange. We used a doll specially designed to help model potty-training (for girls), and this might be something that would help two-year-old boys get the idea (especially if they didn't have a daddy around). And for families who don't have any boys, this might take the "forbidden knowledge" or "ew" factor out of teaching girls what boys really look like.
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Thats what fascinated me about this. We already breed animals for certain traits, and we can now map genes. Breeding existing animals to match a gene map of a bygone animal is a whole new area.
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This is one of our brain's "shortcuts" that let us process more information using fewer resources than a mechanical brain would require. If we had to observe every bit of information individually before we could form a brain picture, we'd never be able to process it fast enough to drive and stuff.
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When I was a kid, I wanted a fallout shelter so bad... I was scared of nuclear radiation, and besides how COOL would it be? But all I got were troll dolls. Now I have a kid who can't get enough of those nasty wall walkers!
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I've heard a few versions of this story. One of them has Coca-Cola being translated as Bite the Wax Tadpole.

You should put the word out for someone who speaks Mandarin or Cantonese.
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Fascinating! I remember the Tasasday, and the moths, but I never knew they turned out to be frauds. The bigger headlines come from the original stories. The followups probably got buried on page ten.
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