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The problem I see with GPS is that you can travel without having the least bit of awareness of where you are. My kid was driving from Savannah to eastern Kentucky. I called her: Did you take the eastern route or the western route?

Her: Uh, western.
Me: Have you passed Atlanta yet?
Her: Uh, I think so.
Me: No, you don't drive through Atlanta and not know it.

Next call
Me: Where are you?
Her: Nashville.
Me: Nashville! You've taken a wrong turn.
Her: No, it's Asheville!
Me: So you took the eastern route.
Her: Yeah, I guess.

Next call
Me: Where are you?
Her: Lexington.
Me: Lexington? You've gone too far! Turn around!
Her: Wait, the sign says Lexington. With an arrow. I'm still in Tennessee.
Me: I give up.
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When you think about soldiers returning from the war in 1945, you must remember that many of them got married and then had to live with their parents for quite some time until adequate housing was available. That made a honeymoon getaway all that more special.
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I hear you. While mortgage, internet, and health insurance bills are fixed, you can always find a way to eat for less. I've got my meals down to less than a dollar each, with breakfast much cheaper. My overseas friends marvel at how cheap food and gas is in the US, but they are horrified by how expensive education and medical expenses are here.
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