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When I first saw the title, I thought, "He uses the drill to wind up the rubber band!" My dad flew balsa wood airplanes powered by a twisted rubber band, and he used an old-fashioned hank-cranked egg beater to wind them up. I can see how it would be much more difficult to actually lift the weight of the drill.
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I remember watching that with my family. My parents were traumatized, but it didn't bother me at all. They asked why, and I told them I had already researched nuclear war and the effects of fallout extensively from just growing up during the Cold war, and the movie was nothing compared to my own imagination.
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Um, the typical worker relies on those repetitive, mundane tasks to pay the rent. Sure, the 10% or so who have great ideas and talent, or more likely pull, will be freed from the grind, but the rest of us will have to move to even worse jobs.
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While there is no definitive answer for the disappearance of the Wrangel Island mammoths, common sense would tell us it was due to the incursion of the invasive species Homo sapiens.
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I had never heard of Empress Elizabeth, but it appears she did rule Russia before Catherine. The linked article is titled Catherine the Great: the first woman to rule Russia, so thats' what I went by.
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I'm a serious gardener, and I do tend to anthropomorphize plants, and then tell myself how silly that is. But I can't help feeling sorry for those mimosas being dropped over and over. Kind of like I felt for the cats when they get dropped in experiments, both real and possibly fictional.
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It's all relative. Any home looks nice to someone who lives with their parents, or in their car. Any white collar job, no matter how boring, looks good to someone coming home from their joe job only to work on their Uber or other side hustle to get by.
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