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My kids once asked me how many Kentucky governors I could recall. I listed them, but couldn't think of Brown's last name. I could only recall he and his wife as "Chicken John and Phyllis America." That derailed the list, and I had to explain all that.
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I could have sworn that Clint Eastwood was in The Fog. But I had conflated The Fog and Play Misty for Me in my mind, probably because they are both horror films about disc jockeys. And I thought the title was The Mist.
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We used to have those places where you paid a small fee to go in and break stuff with a sledgehammer to relieve stress. This sounds like the lazy man's version.
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I use Comet for stains, no scrubber, just a dishrag. But only when company is coming over.
Otherwise, I use two cups over and over, one for coffee, one for tea, and wash them about once a week when I do dishes. That's a benefit of living alone, and not using milk or sugar in my drinks.
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