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When I was three, my parents took me to see Holiday on Ice, and all I remember was my dad trying to get me to eat cotton candy. I knew cotton was what was stuffed in the top of the aspirin bottle, and I'd already tried to eat it. No way was I going to fall for Dad's tricks!
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Stopping at a hotel is what you do when you're driving across the country and get tired. Staying at a hotel is what you do when you make reservations at your vacation destination.
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That raises an interesting question: what do you call someone who was born and raised in Hawaii, not of native descent, who doesn't live there now? It seems weird to call former president Obama a Hawaii Resident, because he lives in Washington (or his other homes in Massachusetts and Chicago). But he's still "from Hawaii."
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I don't remember that much detail, but I remember my mother crying and how awful everything was. I was five. That was the first big news event I was ever aware of. I do recall watching the funeral.
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