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I haven't seen the movie, but I heard the TV version was ""I've had it with these monkey-loving snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane!" Makes no sense at all.
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I don't have a printer, because long ago, I knew my kids would go through reams of paper and jam the machine up. I haven't needed one much, and the library is only two blocks away.
Years ago, Mental Floss extolled the virtues of a paperless office, but long after that, my boss there expressed surprise that I am able to go paperless while no one else there can even imagine it.
I must admit that even I was surprised at how my kids applied for so many college admissions and scholarships completely online, including submitting an art portfolio.
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I was involved in a case of adverse possession some years ago. The (by then deceased) previous owner of my property had encroached in his (eventually deceased) neighbor's property a few decades prior. She never appeared to have objected, and was living in a nursing home by the time I arrived. I bought the property with the understanding of the boundary lines as described by the deceased owner's widow, who didn't know about the encroachment (or forgot). Years later, the neighbor's heirs (who knew about the encroachment) sold the land to a guy who enforced the original boundaries, and bulldozed my driveway and flower gardens. A surveyor, city officials, and my lawyer said I had an ironclad case to get that land, but admitted it would take years in court and thousands of dollars. Instead, I sold the house (at a loss) and moved away.

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The shelter has her designated as "Elizabeth," but that's way too long and mundane for a cat, and we already have an Elizabeth in the family. I like Frisby because it's just fun to say.
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