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I learned in my 20s that my brother and I were conceived through anonymous sperm donation (different donors), so I signed up for 23andMe to see if I could find some heath info. I matched with a half-brother who hadn’t heard any of this! Poor guy. Rotten way to find out.
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I had mine tested, only to find out that I have absolutely no secrets at all. I'm white, with known recent roots in Ireland, England, Wales, and Sweden...and that's where my roots seem to end for many hundreds of years. But I'm more Neanderthal than most modern humans, which is neat.
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In some of those fish species, at least, paternal child rearing might allow females to more quickly recover the caloric investment of making eggs, and mate more often.
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"not an efficient use of space" - I beg to differ. A small counter with dense shelving can be much more space efficient than aisles and hanging bags of parts. The real reason the parent company did not want a counter is that they get more money by selling the little bags than having the store sell them from a bulk box.
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Nothing worse than a bland diet in a hospital. After my heart surgery all food tasted like cardboard and in spite of the regular food being decent, I couldn't eat it. One thing I loved was cantaloupe cubes. Oddly enough I could taste them and their flavor and coolness soothed my sore throat from all the tubes that had been in it.
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I served in the US Army Signal Corps in the early 1960's. Even though the MOS of Pigeoneer and the use of carrier pigeons was gone by then, we still had "pigeon paper" in the back of our message books.
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Like Zulu Time (GMT) in the Army. Places like Calais Maine and St. Stephen New Brunswick are two times zones (Atlantic and Eastern) across the river and border from each other. That was odd.
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Having worked in jobs where locations were maintained across the globe, time zones were one of the toughest things to deal with. Originally, we kept times on servers local to the location. This kept customers happy, but caused other issues. Every support team had to translate the time to their own locale. It was double the pain when you have to work across teams. This was even harder when individual countries would update time zone rules for short periods of time(EX. Egypt would change it for ramadan which is different every year).

Eventually we decided "set everything to UTC!" Still a pain, but at least you only have to do one conversion to local time instead of constantly looking it up.
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I'm not sure how many "Mummy" movies have been made, but I know I've seen most of them. And what do they all have in common? What's the one overriding theme?

Don't. Open. The. Sarcophagus.

But they will.
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Wow! I've been to a few rodeos when in Texas, but no shows as cool as this. What an amazing coordinated dance and performance. Each rider has a very good relationship of trust with their horses no doubt.
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Reminds me of going to see the Liston-Patterson fight on closed circuit TV. I drove a couple of hours to a theater in Syracuse. Sat down, the fight began and it was over in less than 2 minutes with a Liston KO. Went back home and vowed never to waste my time and money on something like that again. As "free" boxing on TV waned, so did my interest in it.
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Columbia dumped the Stooges in 1958, not 1957. They weren't fired; their contract expired and Columbia simply refused to renew it.

The really sad part is that the Stooges got no residuals from reruns, again thanks to Columbia's malignant management. Even today, Sony wants to charge you $1.99 for the privilege of watching an 80+ year old Stooges short on YouTube.
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