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The U.S. Exploring Expedition is one of America's greatest accomplishments. It put us and our navy on the map so to speak and directly resulted in the creation of the Smithsonian Museum. Nathaniel Philbrick tells the story in Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, The U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842. Philbrick is an "accessible" historian in that all his books are easy to read and understand. This one is on my list of required reading for high school. The Amazon link above will show all his works. I can also highly recommend The Last Stand and In the Heart of the Sea, the latter of which is also a movie you may have seen. But I digress. The Smithsonian has digitized its collection on the expedition and Philbrick wrote the introduction. You can read it and explore more on Smithsonian Libraries.
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Well, when you run out of TP, you gotta use something. Good thing that the French bake a lot of bread and here in America, we grow a lot of corn.
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In order to average 30 mph, the complete two mile trip needs to take 4 minutes. However, the first mile took 4 minutes all by itself. Distance divided by speed equals time. 15 mph is .25 miles per minute. 30 mph is .5 miles per minute. 1 divided by .25 is 4. 2 divided by .5 is 4.
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My rule of thumb is to skip sharing any video that is more than ten minutes

This is an excellent rule. I have skipped posting many videos simply because the producers did not get to the point in an expeditious manner.
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Vultures and buzzards deserve a lot more respect than they get. I hope this video opens a lot of eyes! Though I have learned to appreciate carrion birds, I learned from this video.
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I had major heart surgery in 2017 that included a bypass for mu main coronary artery and a new pig valve for a bad aortic valve. So far so good for me at age 80.
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