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The article describes the circumstances thusly: Weber’s career spanned a historical shift that since has been termed Hollywood’s “masculinization.” The conditions that favored women gave way to conditions that disfavored women. Studio employment became more stratified and networks of small independent studios merged into large conglomerates. The heterogeneity of early experiments solidified into the patterns of a “Hollywood film.” The cost of making a typical movie quadrupled after 1915, and gambling with high financial stakes didn’t seem suitable for women. Neither was women’s moralizing influence still necessary. By 1928, 65 million Americans, half the country’s population, were going to the movies every week. Universal went from eleven women directors to zero, and stayed that way for sixty years. When Weber told young women “don’t try it,” her intention, writes historian Shelley Stamp, was to save women the anguish of trying to succeed in a system that guaranteed their failure. .. The [Hays] code forbade subjects like drug trafficking and prostitution, and prohibited actresses from appearing in “compromising situations,” which effectively excluded women from both serious and comedic roles. ... She was often described in terms that stressed her deviance from the norm, as the only woman with stamina and brains enough for directing. ... It was a backhanded compliment: emphasizing Weber’s gender worked in tandem with designating her films the equivalent of chick flicks. Her audience was demarcated in smaller strokes, as when a new release was reviewed as suitable for “matinee children and women.”
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The fact that it's legal for individuals of influence and corporations to donate to candidates and parties (yeah I understand the non-direct payment legalities of corporations and unions, but those seem to be easily skirted when looking at financing), makes for a system that obviously doesn't meet the needs of the people, but the corporations. It's legal bribery, and greed wins. That and a two party system (Ross Perot was the only serious independent in my memory... really, Ross Perot?). Kodos and Kang knew the game.

Unfortunately it's a system that leads to being completely dominated by corporate welfare. Lobbying should be illegal. It should be criminal. So should SuperPACs (and that's not just a US issue).

Never mind the fact that an election takes 2 years, that there are ways to blacklist groups of potential voters to skew votes, or that politicians can change election boundaries in ridiculous manners that benefit their party. To name a few.

United Corporations of America! (and the people)

Geesh, this is the second day in a row where I've posted general negativity towards the US. Apologies Americans, I swear I have no hate towards you in general. Just some policies.
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Why does 99% of species being extinct mean evolution doesn't work? Wouldn't that mean the exact opposite?

This sounds equivalent to saying because 99% of restaurants that ever existed are out of business, therefore food trends don't exist and all restaurants opened the same year.
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It is sad that so few people even noticed the cat, and only one person petted her. OK, as commuters they probably had a lot on their minds - but how much time and effort does it take to pet a kitty?
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