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Sounds a little like our Tour USA and Canada 1994 trek. From CNY to Memphis, San Antonio, Las Vegas, LA, SF, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, Mt. Rushmore, back home. Once in a lifetime journey.
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"X is very useful if your name is Nixie Knox. It also comes in handy spelling ax and extra fox."
The 'give up altogether' approach is also used in The Sound of Music - 'la, a note to follow so.'
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Adding a bit of context to the post, as well as credit to the original artist would help. Kind of like a regular Neatorama post. It's more difficult for a post to be frontpaged if it only has an image/YouTube embed.
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Sweden too. Sweden used the "matbok" system in the first half of the 1900s. Alcohol purchases were rationed. A male passbook holder could only get up to 3 liters of hard liquor per month and an unmarried woman one liter. No wine. No beer. "In restaurants a customer was allowed one glass of schnapps - but only in combination with food. As the water brought in the dish, the guest would smile slyly and ask: 'Do I have to eat it?' More jokes have been told about the 'rubber sandwich' that was carried in and then back to the kitchen, awaiting the next customer's glassy stare." (Quoting Lorénzen's book 'Of Swedish Ways', 1964.)
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I would say the evil has already been committed and there probably is only a small chance that the textbook would again be used for evil. If it is being used to help people then morally I think it is permissible. I do find the whole idea morally ambiguous but this is the conclusion that I came to.
I posted the above before reading the article. It was a very interesting read!
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