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That look! The stark realization that you are somewhere you do not want to be, done something that might have been fun at the time, but do not want to offend your “host.”
To adapt Bobcat Goldthwait, “Broke, sticky and confused.”
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It would have been an interesting meal - what with Vader and Chewie. But Han had to go all apecrap with guns blazing and now we'll never know. . .
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I mean, I imagined Vader actually sat down and they all are silently and awkwardly while Darth was just slurping on a fat feeding tube through his mask.I also like to think that's where Han and everyone got to meet Boba Fett for the first time.
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Tuna casserole can be sooooo delicious--if you use good ingredients. If you combine a bunch of over-salty canned stuff and blop it in a dish and bake it until it vulcanizes, it will be disgusting. And of course my mom's recipe (that I now make) was the best! :)
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The more the dolls are not forced to conform to certain gender/body ideals the more play that kids can have with them. These seem like a fun option and unlike Barbies seem to come with so many more options than just one outfit and some heals.
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