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My parents' old house had a milk chute/door that opened into the livingroom. The delivery service would place the owner's dairy choices into the milk chute w/o bothering the homeowners. That door was really useful because the opening was just large enough to let a skinny child enter it and get into the house whenever my parents locked themselves out and couldn't find their keys.
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There was a lonely disagreeable salmon that swam in a big pool of water with many other fish. He always had a bone to pick with the swordfish. He had had it with the haddock. He made the trout pout and criticized the whales scales as she sang. He had a horrible row with the sturgeon's roe and the scampi scampered far away from him as fast as they could. The salmon ranted but the tuna tuned him out. And even though the shark barked at him daily while watching him stuff himself to the gills nothing ever changed. Fin
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