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Me? I've been writing for Neatorama since 2006. I also have my own site called Miss Cellania. If you see something awesome that you think should be on Neatorama, email me at radiofox@gmail.com Thanks!

I just read in the Scenic Washington (state) travel guide that Skamania County outlawed killing sasquatches in 1969. Skamania County is just a couple of counties east of where I live. I had no clue they had this law, it was revised in 1984. According to the cryptolaw link below "the later ordinance reduced the fine and jail time to “gross misdemeanor” status with lesser jail time and fines. However, it does put in an important exception. If the animal is found to be humanoid, the person who killed the Bigfoot will be tried for homicide."


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I hope not to sound too Neanderthal here...I have long enjoyed your submissions, but I gotta say, by Gosh girl--kinda pretty. Lucky Mr. Cellania!
There is true magic in the body of a woman, but true beauty is in the brain.
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Hi Miss C,
You asked me to write to you. So far there have been no more messages not written by me. I am hoping this is over and things are back to normal. John asked me to check my email, which I did, and there was nothing unusual there. I'm not sure if John wanted my email checked because he sent me a message or what, but everything's looking okay. Thanks for being so vigilant and trying to get to the bottom of this. It's a mystery, that's for sure!
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I was wondering if Neatorama could do a follow-up on Tim Curry. He had a stroke 2-3 years ago and I would like to know how he's doing, is he still working, etc. I just love this man's acting skills and wish him well.
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"Okay, we were tolerating this until the name calling started. This thread is now closed to comments. Remember, name-calling and abusive comments will be deleted; repeat offenders will be banned." "We" were tolerating what, exactly? Interesting that you deleted my comment, but had no reaction to the one directly above it.
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