The Bechdel Test

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"The Bechdel test" requires a movie to pass three questions:

1)  Does it have two or more women in it (who have names) ?

2)  Do they talk to one another?

3)  Do they talk to one another about something other than a man?

Many movies apparently don't pass the test...

Via Sociological Images.

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Almost all Mel Brooks movies pass this test. I find that Wierd.

Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein, Blazing saddles, Robin Hood men in tights, Etc all contain atleast two women, who have names and speak to each other.
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For what it is worth, this week's episode of 24, featuring a female U.S. President and female acting president of the IRK (basically a representation of Iran) passes the test.
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I think the most interesting application of this "test" would be to add another dimension to movies. If art imitates life and vice versa, what does this say about culture? Can movies be made more interesting by adding a new dimension that is not now adequately explored? Instead of seeing this as an issue of feminism versus chauvinism versus neither, or a minority in power versus the majority out of power, it should be seen as an opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals to score some low hanging fruit and blaze a cultural trail.
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As a woman, the last thing I want to see is women talking to each other. Period. Less women = better movie.
I think I'm just a catty bitch who hates other chicks, but it still dosn't change the fact.
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