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You know why they put this stuff in pouches?

Pour it out into a glass and look at it.
It looks like the ammonia water my grandmother used to soak her combs in.
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I'm talking about the Muslims JM. And you know it.
What other religions are known for murdering women, in the name of god?

And it's DRUZE not Durze. Which is a muslim sect as well, but you'd already know that being a middle east expert and all.
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Unless you're in Deetroit.


When pillows are outlawed... blah, blah, blah.
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At least they just photoshop them.
The other religion in the area in the region flogs, stones or shoots women for appearing with men.
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I worked at a museum that had a exhibit with a couple of rattlesnakes in it.
When it was time for them to eat, we'd throw a couple of rats in and they'd have at it.
One rat was a tough old bastard and decided to fight. He latched on to the snake and wouldn't let go until we whacked it a good one. Afetr it was stunnde the snake enjoyed it at his leisure.
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