Massive Old School Printers

Back in the days, printers are big. Really big. The News in Print has a nifty post about 6 of the biggest old school printers ever made. This one above  is the Xerox 9700:

The Xerox 9700 is largely recognised as the world’s first laser toner printer, ‘largely’ being the operative word. Looking more like a kitchen work top than a printer, it would perhaps be a little sexist to suggest that’s why the pretty lady seems right at home.

It is hard to find another reason why she appears to be so happy: when it was released in 1977, the 9700 retailed at $500,000 and took up 5 meters x 4 metres of floor space and produced 120 pages every minute. A sparkling investment.

Link - via thrivecore

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I remember the smell of of that machine... Yeah well, I must be a dinosaur too, because I can remember that at my dad's office they had one of those (I dunno if it was this type or some other, but similar) and you could copy YOUR HAND!!! While even 8-9 years later in my school we used an old mechanical hand-cranked stencil-machine with crumbly courier-type font to crank out large-volume texts.
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I know why she's smiling - she doesn't have to type it all herself with carbons. Do you know how many times you had to type something over again in order to produce 120 copies? Each carbon copy got worse than the one before it, and by the fifth or sixth they were unreadable.

Okay, I'm a dinosaur. I remember those machines (or the ones that came just after) with tremendous fondness.
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