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OK, I'm gonna be *that* person. Someone walking along who doesn't know what the project is could easily assume it's a solid surface and step on it, sinking into the hole. If you're in heels, using a cane or otherwise not that steady, this could be pretty durn dangerous.
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I would pay. I would assume in any store I'm on camera and if I walk out with stuff I would be tracked down. At the very least they should put up a gallery of stills showing the deadbeats to let them know they are not welcome in that store anymore.
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Well they are learning a valuable lesson here, aren't they. Because obviously their supervisors will be JUST as understanding when they all skip work when Portal 3 comes out. Right.
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Two reactions: 1. This is why everyone hates San Francisco. 2. You never have to wait long enough there for the bus for this to make sense. Put them in San Diego - we have HOUR long bus waits on weekends.
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Agggh Karl Lagerfeld's looks like it's got tons of great stuff but stacked VERTICALLY? You can't peruse! You have to take a whole pile down unless the thing you want is on top.
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Attack of the Mushroom People was apparently rated a WORSE vegetable-themed film than Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I think it's BETTER. Which is high praise indeed. Highly recommended.
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Dude, that's the American way! Finding an opportunity and exploiting it, all within the rules of the game and without hurting anyone. It is, however, the sort of thing that will only work once.
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It's entirely possible nobody at the airline was at fault here. Let's say this guy had a domestic ticket to fly somewhere within China from Hong Kong, and he has an accomplice with a ticket to Canada. They both get through passport control no problem, each with their correct IDs and tickets. On the other side, accomplice hands over the Canada ticket and an ID with that name and an old-man picture. Our dude goes into a restroom and puts on his old man costume, which look similar enough to the ID which matches the name on the boarding pass to Canada. Accomplice leaves the airport. The big lapse here is Hong Kong airport screening not finding the costume in the carry-on bags suspicious.
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