This Is What Ramen Looks Like in Your Stomach

M2A: Fantastic Voyage is a project that tries to demonstrate the differences between processed foods and whole foods inside the human body. Stefani Bardin, a professor of design, and Braden Kuo, a gastroenterologist, sent a M2A* pill camera through two human subjects. One (left) ate ramen noodles, blue Gatorade, and gummi bears. The other (right) ate whole foods, including fresh made noodles. I choose to interpret Bardin's assessment as praise for industrially-manufactured ramen:

Notice how the shape of the ramen noodles is still apparent on the left and the handmade ramen noodles on the right are no longer recognizable as noodles? Even after two and a half hours? That's because top ramen is made to survive Armageddon. Our homemade ramen noodles are made to be eaten.

Link -via Geekosystem

*'M' refers to the camera's point of entry into the human body and 'A' to the point of exit. The designers clearly didn't want there to be any confusion about how to use it.

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This is stupid as 'science' but interesting as 'art'. I would be a bit unsettled, were I one of the artist's gastroenterologist/nutritionist helpers, to have her label it a "clinical study" and include my name in any context.
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Neat, but it doesn't prove anything. Two difference subjects; their digestive systems are not identical. And the fact that one food takes longer to break apart doesn't necessarily mean it's less healthy.
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"This Is What Ramen Looks Like in Your Stomach"

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