Grocery Store Opens By Itself

A grocery store in Hamilton, New Zealand opened its doors automatically without any store employees present on Friday morning. The store's computer system opened the doors at 8AM, and shoppers came in as normal. Some bought groceries and used the self-checkout, while others just left without paying.
Supermarket owner Glenn Miller was initially furious over the incident, fearing that thousands of dollars of groceries might have walked out the door. But after reviewing the shop's security footage during the weekend his mood had mellowed.

"I can certainly see the funny side of it ... but I'd rather not have the publicity, to be honest. It makes me look a bit of a dickhead."

The security footage showed shoppers were not aware that there were no staff in the supermarket, Mr Miller said.

"They weren't in for a free-for-all. They were doing their normal shopping and then got to the checkout. Half of them paid and the other half thought, `this is a good deal' and walked out."

Customers' choices were recorded on closed-circuit TV, but Miller says he will not prosecute those who left without paying. Link to story. Link to video. -via Arbroath

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I would pay. I would assume in any store I'm on camera and if I walk out with stuff I would be tracked down. At the very least they should put up a gallery of stills showing the deadbeats to let them know they are not welcome in that store anymore.
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so what? will those thieves wait till the police arrest them and say "oh I forgot to pay. I was supposed to, but I didn't really care to go back anymore because I'm scared they will arrest me anyways when I step back there because my face is on cctv"

sheeesh, the money goes to charity, and the owner said at least for now he won't file any complaint.
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