Father/Daughter Wedding Dance

Ah, the Father/Daughter Wedding Dance ... the loving glance of a parent and child, the awkward swaying to cheesy music ...

Well, not at Brooke Lavin's wedding! At her wedding, her pop Bill showed some of his smooth moves: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via The Frisky

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All of you who think that this video is creepy have no idea what you are talking about. I know this family and they are a family that loves music, art and really the good in everything. They are so close and have always been there to support one another. Even as a high schooler all of our friends adored the parents of this family...they were there for all of us and their kids have been so lucky to have parents like them. Now as a mom of four I only hope to be as great of parents as they have been and are. My teen daughters watched this video and can't for their special day when they can experience a dance as fabulous as this one with their dad.
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The intro on this video was entirely creepy. The whispering of sweet nothings and the snuggling was a bit much for me. I was expecting it to go to some all out crazy dance off, however I am certain dances like this have been done at other father-daughter dances during weddings, albeit, maybe with less snuggling.
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A father/daughter dance is supposed to be sweet. And regardless of any willingness to make a fool of himself, or any choreography, or any particular skills, this wasn't sweet.

In fact, during the long intro, it was creepy, with him mouthing romanticisms (not father-daughter love phrases). The choreography, following that, reinforced the creepy.
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That was sweet. It is obvious that this woman has had a rather privileged life. Hope she and her husband have a wonderful life together. Good on her Dad for being so cool. Thanks.
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