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a big part of hope is the BELIEF that there is possibility. for many confidence is so beaten down that they probably don't BELIEVE they have much of a chance so they don't hold their breath (hope). so maybe the real indicator is... belief.
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coincidentally i believe that is the same mall where jack vale, the maker of "the pooter", sometimes films. i love that guy. check him out on youtube: jackvalefilms.
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why are people so negative? why can't you just be happy for other people and shut up for once? you bunch of miserable f_cks.
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do not waste my tax dollars on this BS trial. $1 million my ASS. eff you, greedy little girl. you did something bad, you paid the consequences even if they were a bit excessive. grow a pair and get over it.
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It is fantastic to see parents pinning a consequence on bad behavior. This child will grow up to have respect. He looks like he learned his lesson and will probably also grow up to be an upstanding citizen. I would be sad if his parents did not punish him. His parents sound like upstanding citizens who are doing an excellent job raising their child.
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lol @ some of these comments. You don't have to anchor it inside, vagina's are like pockets that hug. Nice huh? And as soon as a guy's dong is inside the device, the device will hold onto the penis and slide right out of the vageen. The raper will struggle to get the device off while the woman can flee. Truly this is impractical but if I lived in a place where rape was rampant then I would definitely consider this.
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