Proposal in the Park

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A musical production in Madison Square Park leads to a surprise proposal. The happy couple left in a horse-drawn carriage. -via Buzzfeed

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@ted there seems to be a huge misunderstanding prevalent in all the "haters". Your idea of love and this grand proposal are not mutually exclusive. Love may be "what you're left with after the production number is finished" but that does not in any way diminish the "show of love" inherent in the performance.
Humans celebrate. We have ticker-tape parades for heroes. Presents and caroling at Christmas. Trick-or-treating on Halloween. This proposal is just another manifestation of humanity's desire to celebrate a wonderful moment.
In no way does this proposal guild their relationship with eternal love. But it also does not disqualify or diminish their love either.
I don't celebrate my birthday but I don't think blowing out candles and making a wish is stupid. Or pointless. Or "missing the point".
Bottom line - the haters are opening Pandora's Box.
The legitimacy of their argument is based on a logic which - when taken to its furthest point - concludes that all symbolic acts are pointless. One should just do the act. Not celebrate the act.
So... no more weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, roasts, toasts, ceremonies, awards.
After all, none of those are doing anything but honoring something else.
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@ted: I know this because I was the one consoling my grandfather after my grandmother died. I know because his life for the last 5 years of it was devoted to caring for his wife, whom he loved with every fiber of his being. I know because the times I spent with them I saw how they looked at each other and spoke to each other. I know because of how my grandfather died of a broken heart.

Love isn't JUST the show. It isn't JUST what is left over. It is the sum of all the parts.

@Lauren And they say women are more in touch with their feelings. Pfft! =)
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Bravo to what you said, and I hope you find that kind of love!

My husband and I have been in love for 21 years Well, 21 for him. 19 for me - it took a while for me to come to my senses. He was my best friend and I just didn't realize I loved him back.
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I love proposals like these. Honestly I would love it if someone did that kind of thing for me. I flat out told my boyfriend I wouldn't go to prom with him unless he asked me in a creative way cause him just asking me normally kinda made me feel like he was joking.

Oh well. Them to their own.
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