Kid Arrested For Doodling Now Suing For $1 Million

Remember the story about a Junior High student who was handcuffed and perp walked for doodling on her desk? The 12-year-old schoolgirl and her mom are now suing for $1 million:

The legal papers describe Alexa's ordeal as an excessive use of force and a violation of her rights. "We want to stop this from happening to other young children in the future," said the family's lawyer, Joseph Rosenthal.

Alexa was perp-walked out of the school in front of her classmates with her hands locked in metal handcuffs behind her back.

Alexa's mother pleaded with the officers to accompany her daughter to the police precinct, but Camacho was told to go home and wait for a call.

Officers placed Alexa in "an enclosed room" at the precinct and handcuffed her to a pole for more than two hours, the papers note.

City lawyers declined to comment, but city officials acknowledged in February the arrest was a mistake.

Rachel Monahan of NY Daily News has more: Link (Photo: Pace for News)

So does one overreaction deserve another? Is this a reasonable quest for justice or simply a case of greed? What do you think?

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There is no way that her and her greedy mother should get a settlement for her damaging School property, for all we know she could have been drawing signs of the devil or she could be drawing other offensive signs or words. She still did something that is a crime weather she likes it or not, the school has a right to do what they did. I was arrested at school when I was 12 years old for assault witch I didn't even do anything and I was treated like a criminal and could have sued but I didn't because it just wasn't worth the time, and eventually the charges were dropped after the judge clearly seen that it wasn't my fault, the student who claimed that I assaulted couldn't admit the truth in court and even his two younger brothers told the court that I did nothing wrong. So even though I was treated bad by police, I didn't bother doing anything about it because it just wasn't worth the BS.
So this Girl and her mother should be to blame for something she clearly shouldn't have done. And I can Guarantee that either the case gets thrown out of court and put on probation or she wins and then the School will sue them for destruction of school property as well as her being expelled, either way this Case is Greedy, they mother should be ashamed of herself, and the student has to grow up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around her, cause if she does win the lawsuit, more and more parents will take advantage of that and Greed will get the best of this country.
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let me see where commonsense prevails. The school called the authorities because they could not handle the girl drawing on the desk. Why wouldn't the teacher just send the kid to the corner or to principal's office? Calling the police for this incidence, what a show of ignorance.
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What a joke! The parent should be more concerned about teaching her child that vandalizing other people's property is not an acceptable behavior. She should also encourage her child to pay attention in school and not spend her time daydreaming and doodling. This woman should be apologetic to the school and be concerned with paying for the damaged property. The $1million dollar should be used to add resources to schools for kids who want an education and not for some greedy parent who doesn't know how to discipline her child. I would love to be on this civil court case, pick me pick me!
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Wow you guys have it cut out for you over there. Situation out of control.
This girl looks set to be the next Tia Tequila for sure.
Fame is poison, to seek it out in such a way is all kinds of wrong.
Lessons will never be learnt, past the point now.
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This is why my kids will no longer be attending public schools. They will not be bored, they will be challenged and respected, they will be held responsible for their own successes and failures and they will not be led away in handcuffs by armed police officers unless they commit a serious and/or violent offense.

The girl was wrong. The school was more wrong. And the police were almost as wrong as they could be in this situation unless she was verbally or physically abusive towards them.

They should be required to pay for her to attend the school of her choice until she graduates. She will most likely receive a better education and the whole of society will benefit.
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