Cops Nearly Shoot Actor Playing Convenience Store Robber

Indie filmmakers on Long Island were filming a scene consisting of a convenience store robbery. Someone passing by the store spotted an actor pointing a gun at anther actor, and called the police:

"The first officer arrives, looks in the window and he sees a gentleman with a gun pointed at the counter," Garcia said.

"So he enters the store and confronts the individual, and says, 'Police, drop the gun,'" Garcia said. "The individual puts his hands up in the air and says, 'It's a movie! It's a movie!'"

He said the officer repeated his order to drop the gun several times before using force to disarm the actor of his fake pistol.

Link via Say Uncle | Photo: Gothamist

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Ha! This happened to me once in a small town. The entire police department showed up and looked disappointed when it turned out my friends and I were just filming a short.
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It makes me consider the capability of people to follow orders like that when you are not in the frame of mind of following orders. It isn't stupid, just very interesting.
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its a little confusing when you include quotes with a persons name and don't identify who that is and why they are involved in the story... simple journalism too much for bloggers?
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