"I Called My 5th Grade Teacher a Jackass"

When her son Ahmad, who had been acting up at school, called his teacher a jackass, Cassandra Rollins had had enough - so she decided to teach him a lesson he'd never forget:

"I called my 5th grade teacher a jackass. Sorry Mr. Smith." The student, Ahmad Rollins held the sign on the corner of Truxel and West El Camino, yesterday.

His mom, Cassandra Rollins says, her son had been acting up in school, so this was the final straw. She says there were trying to teach Ahmad a lesson and feels that the public embarrassment would get through to him.

FOX40 has the video clip: Link | Photo from The Natomas Buzz blog

What do you think? A sensible punishment or child abuse?

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I've read all the comments above. I don't think this child will be traumatized by this experience. However, I don't know how effective a lesson it is, and it may even reinforce the behavior his mother says she is trying to extinguish.

The 'consequence' for insulting Mr. Smith is that he stands in a public place announcing that he called Mr. Smith a jackass. No wonder the big grin on his face!

A better approach, I think, would have been to stand in front of the class (the same people who heard him make the statement), and read a pre-approved essay not only apologizing, but describing to the class what "defect of character" (for want of a better expression) led him to make this error, and what he has learned.

But to put him out in public, wearing a big grin on his face, holding a sign announcing that he had called Mr. Smith a jackass, seems like more of a passive-aggressive reward than a punishment, by giving him a public forum to repeat the insult to a vastly larger audience.

The Mom's intent may have been good, but her response doesn't seem to have been well thought through.
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His mom clearly agreed to it so no it's not abuse it's just another form of the "dunce hat". Punishment through negative attention is a good way of discipline, the military uses this teaching tool often in training.
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It's not child abuse and he's not smiling, it looks like more of a grimace. Will it be effective? Who knows but sometimes grounding, time outs, taking away privileges, extra chores and yes, even spanking doesn't work either. You have to try everything until it has the desired effect. Good for this mom!
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