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Heh, I think this could be a deliberate stunt.

The POP TV station is owned by US company so ratings are the most important thing.

We also have a national TV station where such things don't happen.
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You guys are really great at using logical thinking.

Let me try to make my own statement:

Very few children die petting lions -> allowing children to pet lions is a good idea.
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It has to be said that little ducks were in no real danger. Throwing chickens of same age from the same height causes them no harm. You can watch the video where a machine throws thousands of chickens (in a farm) from approx. the same height as here and they land just fine. Looks cruel but it is probably no big deal for them.
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There was a guy around here who had an old sedan that was completely covered in seashells. Just the other day, I saw a newer sedan completely covered in seashells... wonder if it's the same guy.
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The disgusting Duggars gone done it again!

Unless their house runs on wind turbines... and they grow, spin, and weave their own cloth... and they live in an unheated hut... and they grow all their own food in their backyard... and they don't own one single car... and they wash all those diapers with water manually pulled from their own well... and they don't accept any charity... I don't want to hear about how they're "self-sufficient". This family has a detrimental impact on the rest of the world, whether they want to admit it or not.

Go through menopause already!
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Makes sense to me. Women were traditionally the ones feeding the children. Wouldn't it make sense for them to be able to tell if something was poisonous or not?

Is this also why men are more likely to eat expired crap from the fridge?
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well i think that girl christa is way outta her mind.
are you a follower of hitler who also believes that
holocaust never existed?
reality check.
hitler hated jews.
he did all he could to kill them and get rid of them.
and you're thanking him?
you want to put up memorials for him?
well go ahead.
a memorial for the man who killed nearly 7 million jews
just because he doesnt like them randomly..
that guy was psycho, not right in his mind.
probably smoked crack or somethin.

but hey, if this rug really existed, that'd be
pretty cool.
probably be in some kind of museum in the holocaust museum worth billions., maybe more.
hmm. what a shame.
do you realize that if this guy had never been born,
or had decided not to go into politics and stuff,
that WW2 never would have existed, jews would be fine,
and people all over the world wouldn't have lost
their relatives in the war?
hey btw, they did find his body right?
what did they do with it?
but seriously i do think hitler was pretty smart
and obviously a very good persuader if he could
persuade so many people, but he was on the wrong side.
if he was on the good side, then we could have world peace:)
he'd be like gandhi but german version.
its a shame that some people with such great
potential never reach it, .
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