The Duggars' 18th Child

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just got a new addition to their (already very, very large) family: their 18th child! And keeping with traditions (they name all their children starting with the letters J), here's Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar who came in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces:

"The ultimate Christmas gift from God," said Jim Bob Duggar, the father of the 18 children. "She's just absolutely beautiful, like her mom and her sisters."

Now, are 18 kids enough? Here's what Jim Bob has to say about it:

"We both would love to have more," he said.

Link | The Duggar Family Official Website (Now, do they change the name of their The Learning Channel reality show "18 Kids & Counting"?)

(Photo: Beth Hall/AP)

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A lot of things about this "family" disturb me. The kids couldn't possibly get much one on one time with their parents, and the older ones raise the younger ones - they have no choice. The mother ignored their doctor's orders and had number 19, and the child was so sick she had to be in the hospital for around 6 months. And Michelle said she would consider having a 20th child. Talk about selfish.

The daughters have to marry men their parents "introduce" them to and have kids year after year, no other ambitions. None of the girls of age work, do they?

And their oldest son with the wife seems very chauvinistic and controlling. I wouldn't watch this show and put more money in their pockets. Same thing with that creepy Kody guy with multiple "wives".
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Let me tell you this: I was the eldest of eleven...hated it! Older children do not have a childhood. It is stolen from them, for they and are expected to become adults at a very early age. For me, that age was five years old. That's when I had to stay home by myself (while my parents went shopping) and care for a younger sister, a set of twins, and an infant! I have never forgotten that. It scarred me for life! A young older sibling should not be expected to think and act like an adult. That said, I too detest the Duggars. Delusions have been created about this large family by the media and the parents themselves. I see right through this one.
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this is a mental illness called muchausen syndrome. or a form of it. it has nothing to do with religious fanatacism. and it stems from michelle. not jimbob. she was a popular pretty young girl and i believe had a small familiy so she got lots of attention. she had her first few kids and had to do all the work (i'm betting) and it was all about the kids (as it should be) and she was exhausted and no longer the woman of the house. so she started having child after child and quickly created an indentured servant/child abuse system where the older children raised the younger children and she remained pregnant and resting with her feet up while the oldest ones did EVERYTHING. the oldest children have no lives and certainly have had no childhoods. they are simply a number. their identity is not known. they just blend in. by nature, women are NOT supposed to be getting pregnant every year. if you breat feed it would take at LEAST two years to get pregnant again and sometimes three. mother nature is very smart and wouldn't allow women to have babies every year because it would be too hard for the family to survive and mother nature is all about survival. if you're breastfeeding you're not going to be ovulating and not likely to get pregnant. it takes two full years after birth for a woman's body to get back to it's form before being pregnant. and obviously at age 2 a child can walk and sort of feed itself...etc...michelle is NOT breastfeeding. she is weening the babies within weeks and of course the children are bottle feeding the babies and getting up at all hours and changing diapers. not michelle. she is a troubled, troubled woman and abusive in her own quiet way.
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Ugh. I detest the Duggars. There HAS to be some mental disorders floating around to think it's "wonderful" that they are having more children while their own kids are having kids!! Not to mention it's disgusting to think that two self-righteous, ignorant people like Jim bob and Michelle Duggar can have 19 brainwashed little robots but so many decent, educated people can't even have 1 child >.<
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Why is there so much fear posted here? Why all the miserable, pessimistic , ill-informed biases against the Duggars?
How many of you are raising well-mannered, sweet, motivated, happy children? How many of you live with integrity and take responsibility for your actions and words? How many of you know how to treat others in a respectful and kind manner? How many here are truly happy yourselves ? How many of you LOVE spending time with your family: parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins...etc...? How many of you get together a few times a day to pray and show appreciation to God? How many of you even believe in God? How many of you have actually watched a few full episodes of the Duggars?
Stop all the hate.....hate is initiated by ignorance.
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