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The Duggars' 18th Child

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just got a new addition to their (already very, very large) family: their 18th child! And keeping with traditions (they name all their children starting with the letters J), here's Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar who came in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces:

"The ultimate Christmas gift from God," said Jim Bob Duggar, the father of the 18 children. "She's just absolutely beautiful, like her mom and her sisters."

Now, are 18 kids enough? Here's what Jim Bob has to say about it:

"We both would love to have more," he said.

Link | The Duggar Family Official Website (Now, do they change the name of their The Learning Channel reality show "18 Kids & Counting"?)

(Photo: Beth Hall/AP)

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Yeah this is disgusting. The planet is going to be overrun with humans because they can't control themselves enough to stop breeding.

Honestly, I hope all those kids turn out to be useless drug addicts.
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Vagina: Not a clown car.

They work to have this many children. They plan around Michelle's fertility. They could not financially support these children without the television shows and charitable donations. The parents don't manage the children, they manage a schedule that requires the older children to care for the younger children.

The girls are taught that they're only function is to marry and bear children for their church. The boys do not plan to go to college, but instead take jobs and start businesses that will not support their future large families.

Considering the over-population of Earth, these people's selfishness should find them paying the rest of us for each child they bear.
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this stuff really freaks me out. really.

and not like "oh man im freakin out-- i'm seeing purple flying dinosaurs"

i mean like "what. the. hell."
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So they'll simply continue to create babies until they're not physically able anymore?

And who pays for them?? They must have HUGE bills ...
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This isn't the 17th Century, where you need a big brood to help on the farm... Disgusting... irresponsible... Its totally alien to me why they would do this. Shame on them.
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As the popular meme goes "Vagina. Still not a clown car."

It really boggles my mind though. Just how her uterus still functions. It can still hold a child, provide it with nutrition and not expell the child if she coughs or farts.Or that she has not had some sort of uterine prolapse.
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That they'd want to have that many children HAS to be borne of some sort of psychiatric illness. I think they call it blind adherence to organized religion.

That many children in one family indoctrinated into whatever weird version of religion they practice scares the bejeebers out of me.

I feel sorry for the children, and I'm willing to bet that for those kids whose ideological pendulums swing away from that of the family (and it WILL happen, this I guarantee), it's gonna swing far, and it's not gonna be pretty.
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Rent 'Idiocracy' on DVD. Starts to make more sense every time I see it...scary sense.

And I'm sorry, I find it hard to believe they can bring even a fraction of the attention that's needed to numbers 5-18. I don't find any of this wonderful or miraculous.
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Im not sure how I feel about the Duggars. My initial reaction is negative but they really arent doing anything wrong. They are a tight nit family that loves each other, they live within their means and their frugal lifestyle lets them afford so many children. I watched their television show a few times and it seems that some smart real estate investments have paid large dividends for them. Im guessing, though they may say otherwise, that the money they receive for the show is a big motivation for doing it.

I think the main things that I do not relate to is their religious convictions and the home-schooling of their children. Neither of these things are really threatening but without knowing them it makes people think they are cultist or something odd.
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I won't comment on how obscene I find their endless breeding. What really blinds me with anger is the fact they spelled the kid's name "Jordyn," as if "Jordan" isn't contemptible enough.
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Horrible people. The only way they can raise these kids is to have the older ones play "deputy parents" to the younger ones, which means the older kids are robbed of years of their own childhood. I know. I went through it myself, but I had only 3 younger sisters to care for. The only way they can raise enough money to feed them all is to do TV spots and exploit them like a circus side show.
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You know what's really scary? They live about 30 minutes down the road from me. Yeah. I haven't ever seen them out shopping but, if I do, I'll have to resist the urge to throw something.
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Look, your DNA isn't good enough that we want 17 copies of it running around. And unfortunately, each of those 17 kids gets just as many votes as the rest of us.
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The earth isn't overpopulated. Newsflash, books like The Population Bomb were completely wrong.

You guys only hate on the Duggars because they're religious and they've built a family outside of the societal "norm".

Go back to your nanny-state-loving, religion-hating lives.
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USA-USA. Please stop being stupid. Obviously, you have no education in population dynamics and resource allocation. Rock on with your blind faith and patriotism in all that is USA is AWESOME!. I hate the Duggars because their blind faith in religion is making 18 more preprogrammed idiots. If you love blind faith in religion over reason, why don't you vote for Bush one more time? 600 + BILLION in Iraq and the never even had WMD. Get your head out of the sand man. Travel out of the US once and a while. It will do us some good.
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@USA-USA: Moron! The population of the USA (not to mention the REST of the World) is growing exponentially. This means higher food consumption, over-crowding, greater pollution emissions, land-use issues, etc... No one hates them because they are religious, they hate them because they choose (like yourself) to ignore anything that is not right in front of their faces. Many people (gays, multi-racial couples, multi-faith couples, etc...) build families out of the "societal 'norm'", but the only people whining about them are the religious nuts (such as the Duggars and other fundaMENTAL Christians). Get out of your house, listen to something besides talk radio and take your head out of your ass. I'm sick of fundie, right-wing nutjobs blaming left-leaning people for the worlds problems.
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USA-USA, seriously? when is the earth over populated then? when all the destruction that the people so far here made expands with more people and eventually destroys the earth?

what scares me definitely is not the 18 children so far,i have nothing against them personally.
but what scares me is that each of those kids are trained, yes trained, to have at least eighteen more, and so on and so on, that scares me.

humans are so selfish.
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Check out the photo album on the family's website. In virtually every shot of the girls, they are washing clothes, cooking, ironing, holding babies, and other mommy stuff. The boys are invariably playing soccer, playing foosball, playing chess, playing on their computers, or as the captions say, "looking on" while their sisters work.
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Seriously though, I wonder how many of these kids are thinking they'll not have any children at all. My biggest beef is that once mom pops out another baby it's handed off to one of the girls and she's forced to play mom. I think asking the older ones to help out occasionally is fine, but this is insane. How well could they possible know each child? Do any of these children feel like they have a relationship with their parents?
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Beautiful white American family. It's nice to see a big family that is not mexican AND is legal. God Bless the Duggars.
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I think it's pretty gross and selfish on their part for wanting more kids. I bet the ones they have now barely get any time with the parents.
So I bet it's going to go the same way as the parents... the kids are going to grow up wanting an asston of kids to fill some void.
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People like these amaze me - not in a good way. My husband's ex has had 10 children by 7 different dads and it was all because she doesn't want to have to work; all she does is sit on her fat Jabba the Slut a** and collect child support. I don't even have kids because I can't afford them. I wouldn't ask for handouts/donations even if I did have children like these two a-holes.

They think they're blessed? They're effing sick. The oldest children get screwed the most because they end up doing most of the parenting while mom & pop Duggar plan for more children. Stop boning and take care of the kids you already have. It's disgusting.
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I am so very disgusted with these freaking religious freaknuts. The answer to the question, "but how do they manage to pay for that enormous litter, when mommy-the-human-clown-car doesn't work (because she's too busy being the human breeding machine)?" Well kids, it's simple: Welfare and making your house into a CHURCH, thereby ensuring lots and lots of tax exemptions! Whee! Isn't xtianity super neat?! Yayz! I don't know what I was thinking, stopping at two kids...oh, right, I'm not a farking wingnut, attention whore, religious freak-and I have an I.Q. of ABOVE the double digits. Those children are abuse victims, all of them. There is NO way in hell the adults could possibly keep track of them all-so all of the older ones are used as work horses. Nice. I hope her cave-like vagina prolapses soon. Please, baby Jeebus, please.
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Ahhhh selfishness from the "Hipster" generation

They work to have this many children. They plan around Michelle’s fertility. They could not financially support these children without the television shows and charitable donations. The parents don’t manage the children, they manage a schedule that requires the older children to care for the younger children.

Guess what asshole, the Druggers were taking care of their own long before the tv show came along, unlike you pampered little crybabies they DON'T take Gov Handouts

as for the rest of the "Enlightened" planet, FU, when you morons go to China and bellyache about the real population problem, I'll care.

jealousy is such a petty stupid thing, but Generation Selfish is right on time
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If I was a girl in that family, I would sue for my independence. Seriously. They rely on the slave labor of their daughters.

Women are worth more than that. Breeding and drudgery are not the end goals of being female.
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Shame on you people!!! What is wrong with you?? Who are you to judge other human beings. These people love their children and provide for them. I am shocked by what immoral and shallow people you all are. I am not a religious "freaknut" but I can see why people become conservative right. It's because of people like all of you.
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We're not lost. There *are* people who, y'know, have a different opinion than yours. Shocking!

Not everyone on Neatorama is a narcissistic atheist with poor self image. Although I admit that they are highly overrepresented, especially in the comments section.

I am willing to bet that no one in this commentary thread, except for me, has met the Duggars and their kids in person. Until you do, STFU and go back to your 1.4 children and demographic death spiral.
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Hey mikos, where'd you get *your* definition of reality? Let me guess: you're enlightened enough to have figured it out all on your own, eh?

Newton stood on the shoulders of giants... atheists stand on the shoulders of midgets.
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I fail to see why these people have a spot on The Learning Channel. What does anyone stand to learn from these people? How to have a ridiculous number of children? We're all capable of that. These people will never be able to give their children an opportunity to be more than their parents were. These kids are formed and pressed carbon-copies. I pity them. So much human potential wasted.
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Most of you people are so opinionated and quick to judge. So they have a bunch of kids and the older ones help take care of the younger ones. So what. It's their family, that's the way they want it and last time I checked we live in America where people can have as many kids as they want and raise them with whatever morals they choose. They are not asking you to raise your family like that and it's not your business to place judgement on them. So what if they make money from publicity and their show. Good for them. You probably watch the show and contribute to the money they make and still complain. People need to lighten up on the Duggars and stop all of these awful finger-pointing things they are saying. Unless you and your family are perfect, keep your shallow comments to yourself.
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Ugh. Its repulsive how they view their wives and daughters as human breeding machines for some demographic holy war. NOT what the world needs right now.

Whatever happened to adopting kids?
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Shannon, please do some research on these people before telling us how quick we are to judge. We have good reason for being appalled by them. This is what they believe in:
"the staunchest promoters of the Quiverfull conviction and the patriarchy lifestyle, both of which hold that Christian couples should have as many children as God gives them, forgoing any form of family planning, as both a demonstration of their obedience and trust in God and as a militant method of demographic battle with nonbelievers."
Yes, Quiverfull, the movement that believes women's bodies aren't their own, but in fact sacrificial wombs used to build God's army.

Many of them also hold to extremely sexist ideas, and are against women being able to vote or hold office.
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I need not do research. Your quote states just another persons negative opinion, no different than the millions out there. These people are not asking you to follow their religion. They are living their lives the way they want and they have a right to. Just like you have the right to post your opinion on here. Act like you live in America and let people have the freedom to do what they want. Where's the rule that says they have to live in a way that pleases you? And as far as the "sexist ideas", let Michelle complain about that....which I haven't heard her do yet. Otherwise, why do you care? If you are so "appalled" by them then don't watch the show. Unless someone is forcing you to do so.
I'm still waiting to see something on here against the Duggars that makes sense......blah, blah, blah......
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@Viva: I can't get back to my 1.4 children and this exciting-sounding death spiral you speak of right now because I'm already late for my Narcissistic Atheists with Poor Self Image support group. I almost feel guilty about this, but then I remember I'm a narcissist and my needs come first. Priorities!
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Personally, I don't care if a person chooses to have 1 child or 20. As long as they can support their family without taxpayer money, it makes no difference to me.

However, as a tokophobic with no interest in getting over it, I find these people rather baffling. Why would anyone want to put their body through that 18 times?
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Like I said earlier, I dont relate to the Duggars but what I really dont understand is all the hate directed toward them here. Why so hateful? They are not hurting anyone or burdening the public and they have a happy loving family. I dont see the problem.
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I agree, SenorMysterioso. It's not as though they are the entire reason for overpopulation, and quite frankly, it's her uterus to do with as she wishes.
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Hmmm... with all the ad homonym attacks going on here, it seems like the perfect time to go into a "reductio ad hitlerum"....

Seriously though, growing up, I knew a family of severely religious folks that stopped at 14 kids. It wasn't weird because they had fourteen children. It was freaking crazy because they had 14 socially-maladaptive, non-functional, thoughtless, zombie-drones for children, who were completely cut off from society due to their parent's belief in literalistic end-time religion. These kids were so screwed up that they thought it was normal for their parents to bruise their legs with a leather strap if they didn't answer within 10 seconds of their parents calling their name. They also believed that if someone called the police for this type of abuse, that the person would burn in hell because they were denying the "Will of God by interfering with the life situation that God gave them" -straight out of eldest daughters mouth as she told me I would burn in hell for not respecting her parents, one of "God's Laws".
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Of all the women I know who have had their fair share of bad relationships, I know plenty who'd give anything to be in a relationship like this: two people who love each other so completely and unconditionally that their love produces babies. What a concept.

That man lives for his wife; his whole life is her and their family. He puts them fist. And that's what most women want. She loves him totally and completely, too. This is a good thing.

These kids know they are loved simply for being; they were loved into existence. The parents never separate lovemaking from the obvious fruit of that love. The kids sure are doing better than some friends I know; their mothers had far less kids but did much more damage, mostly due to the prioritizing of self over children. The devastation can be found on countless shrink couches. It can mostly be traced back to believing that one is not loved, not because of what you do, but for who you are: your very existence.

As for their kids not going to college, it's the lie of the century to think that everyone must go into 6 figure debt and go to college to, what? Come out with a $50k job? So they don't go to college and get a $30k job; who's smarter? College has been dumbed down to the 13th grade; it's not for everyone and for real scholars, well, now they must go on to grad, law or med school to make any real money.

I love that a family like this will completely change the demographic of their entire neighborhood in just a few generations. While the rest contracept yourselves out of existence. These people are no threat to me whatsoever; completely self-sufficient, hard working, and loving. Not my religion, not my call to have so many children but it sure doesn't threaten me.
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I'm not mad at them, but what they are doing is objectionable. They should have become Mormons, so that Mom could have a rest every couple of years, and Dad's seed could spread even further.
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The thing that's obscene about this is that there are tons of children in orphanages who need families, yet these two people think that having biological baby #18 is more important.
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Greggggg, their own child is more important to them than adopting, and that is their business. No one is obligated to adopt or give birth. I've stated that I have no desire to ever give birth. I find the whole concept creepy, even though I like kids. That doesn't mean I have to adopt or that I should feel some moral obligation to do so just because I can or because I have chosen not to have any of my own. It's kind of the same idea. I kind of see the point you are making and I am not picking on you because you've been nicer than most people here, but really, in the end, it's no one's business but their own.

Honestly, I find it all very amusing because it does my head in to think that anyone would want to do this even once, and they're already talking about having another one. But it's certainly not my place, or anyone's to judge. At least they take care of the kids and aren't on welfare.
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Why so scared?-- One thing: it's not love that produces children, it's sex. If those two hated each other, but still regularly put his penis into her vagina, they'd be popping kids out.

Anyhoo, this family disturbs me. The whole premise for them having this many kids is for part of the Quiverful movement, which is creepy enough in its own right. The kids all are home-schooled, and thankfully they are at least somewhat self-sufficient financially, but that just makes them seem even more insular and cult-like. I hadn't been to their site before, and it creeps me out how none of the boys are shown doing housework or childcare to help out. Never mind that they all have matching J names like Jim Bob-daddy, but no M names to match Mommy (or, you know, give them all unique names that don't match anyone).

Oh, and I just love the thinly-veiled racism in some of their supporters, e.g. anytime any mentions "demographics." They'll change the demographics of their area all by themselves! They'll keep white folk being produced, 'cos we're a'skeered of the darkies out-breeding us! Good job, folks. Sterling logic.
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Now, now, renderanything, if I've mixed anything up, you should correct me with specifics.

Such as "Not all Mormons are polygamists" or "even if they were polygamists, Mom wouldn't necessarily get a rest every couple of years" or maybe "it's not actually seed that Dad is spreading - it's sperm".
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@ Tempscire: Good points all. The Quiverful thing is really disturbing. It's easy (in an intellectually lazy way) to defend their incessant breeding with a "their family; their prerogative" argument, but the fundamental mission behind the behavior is very much informed by an extremely socially regressive model.

As with the expectation of unquestioning praise and validation for those who choose to join the military (based on a manufactured notion of blind patriotism as the height of honor), so there is this idea that anything anybody wants to do, if born of their religion, must also be viewed uncritically.

We all judge, all the time. We all have the faculty of unique discernment. And mine tells me that growing a profoundly insulated colony of submissive females and king-of-the-castle males based on a series of folktale missives is flat creepy.

And if someone wants to argue that my having 1.4 children and eschewing religion in favor of a personal preference for a searching, insecure reality over a fabricated peace is somehow inferior to the above scenario, we can have that discussion.
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It's absolutely disheartening to read the hate on this board. These are upstanding loving people adding life to the world. And they are happy. Some of the child-hating narcissists writing here need serious help.
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WOW. There are some really HOT opinions on this post. With regard to the over-population opinions ... I've not done a whole lot of research on this, but I have read dozens of recent articles on the birth-rate DECLINE in Russia, Europe and the US. Perhaps the over-population "problem" is with the 3rd world countries ... and China.
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The "hatred" stems from the fact that they've been raised to find the objectification of women objectionable. It's not really how many kids she has, just the fact that she's being treated, and treating herself, as no more than a baby machine, based on an obscure patriarchal interpretation of a religion that many of them reject.

They react with anger because they are horrified that this family clings to this interpretation despite society's modern notions of progress. They don't hate children. They hate the idea of irresponsibly churning out and raising children with flawed ideals.
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The disgusting Duggars gone done it again!

Unless their house runs on wind turbines... and they grow, spin, and weave their own cloth... and they live in an unheated hut... and they grow all their own food in their backyard... and they don't own one single car... and they wash all those diapers with water manually pulled from their own well... and they don't accept any charity... I don't want to hear about how they're "self-sufficient". This family has a detrimental impact on the rest of the world, whether they want to admit it or not.

Go through menopause already!
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You know, it's not as thought Momma Duggar is a victim. They have a messed up religion that encourages women to be breeding animals, and yeah, that's not something I am in line with, but she is a grown up that can question her beliefs if she chooses to do so. I don't care what they do as long as they aren't running around acting like the Phelps family, or being abused. I know I don't appreciate when people get in my face about my lack of religion, so if she wants to believe that she is meant to submit to her man and have a litter, then who really cares?
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Just to add... I was responding to violet on that post. I'm not saying that I'm above judging them or anyone else, because you are right. We all judge. But ultimately, if they are fine with that line of thinking and don't want to look at women as equals, that is no one else's problem until something illegal occurs.
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That is true, Evilbeagle. It's her choice to live that way. What I find weird is the Quiverful bit. A quiver is full of arrows - are these kids considered weapons in the war against heathens?

I just wonder what'll happen when Ma Quiver starts pushing through defective babies. Will they stop, or will they continue?
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Good question, ted. They will probably keep going and just take it all as God's will or something like that. But who knows?

As for a war against heathens, all I can say about that is that they'd best prepare for a heck of a fight. :)
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Whatever your opinion of may be it won't matter to them because they are 'protected' by their lord. And they are probably working on number 19 right now.
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gross....blah...blah....clown car.....vagina.....I'm so original. breed.....
Yes, they have a lot of kids. Sure it is weird. Why should we hate them though? The fact is that these two people seem a better parent to all of their children then many people are to a single child. The Duggars can support all of their children. It may take supplemental income from a television show, but they still do it. I think it is a little much to judge these people for just being different. The fact is that I would bet that these children grow to be much "better" then most of the children coming out of "normal" families.
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If I don't want to post something mean-spirited or derogatory about this family, or express a desire to intervene in the way they live their lives, can I still post here? Or am I obligated to wear my bully hat? Sorry Duggars, if this thread is any indication, America ain't a free country any more. Here come your neighbors, and they all know better than you.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)

Creepy, yes, but she accepts it. That's her choice in a free country, and if that's fine with her, it's fine with me. No one is forcing you or I to live that way. I would have a problem with it if she were being forced into this, but there is no indication that she is, which is why I can't sit here and be overly critical of her. I would be very hypocritical if I were overly critical/hateful/judgemental in the manner that many here have been because many people do not approve of my being an atheist. However, they still respect that I choose to live my life free of religion. I'm only a biting dog when someone steps on my tail, y'know? Part of being in a free country is accepting that a lot of people are going to make different choices and have different beliefs. I don't feel that those beliefs (mine or anyone's) should be catered to for fear of offending another person, or shoved down anyone's throat, but I do strongly feel that we should live and let live. These people aren't hurting anyone. They are being true to themselves, and I honestly can't fault them for that.

Mrs. Duggar doesn't need anyone to save or enlighten her.
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Why criticize them so much? It is so amusing that people will describe these people as nutcases, religious freaks, etc... and yet fail to apply the same label to the terrorists, religious extremists, etc... that the world faces. Somehow the Duggars, BUsh (someone else inserted him into this thread), etc.. are all more evil than people who really DO enslave women?

There seems to be this mistaken idea that because one is a sincere Christian who believes that children are a blessing, they are evil religious nutcases bent on manufacturing the army of God or whatever. That's crap.

Personally, I don't like children -- I'll probably never have any. But if someone else does, more power to them, as long as they do it without taxpayer cash, I don't really care. And why should you? What does anyone have to fear from the so-called "Jesus Freaks?" Sure, some of them can be annoying. Sure their churches can dominate a landscape... but do these people threaten you? Are they committing some harm against you?

No. Like the Duggars, most of them just go about their own lives, which, granted, are very different from our own, but in no way threatening. 18 kids? Before the days of birth control, that wasn't all that unusual anyway. Some of their kids may continue that way of life, others will probably rebel against it and go down some other path. It's a free country still. Leave it alone.
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I do NOT "hate" the Duggars. I am merely disgusted. I am also not thrilled with the idea that their behavior is being congratulated and celebrated as a noble and loving cause. It isn't.
Pumping out children like litters of pups and then handing them off for your other "children" to raise is not noble, nor loving. It's not even remotely responsible.

I suspect some sort of mental illness issues are going on in Michelle Duggar's head. Perhaps feeding off the relgious fanaticism that inspires such mental (and social) instability.
I do not "hate" the Duggars, But I don't like what they are doing to their children - "Christian Army" children.
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I'm amused by the religious folks defending the Duggar's here, claiming that it is a beautiful thing, everybody is just being intolerant of religion, etc. I'd be curious to hear their reactions to this family if they were Muslim, or Satanists. I suspect they would be even more vehemently opposed than most of the people here.
Get off your high horse, Churchy, you are no more tolerant or loving than the rest of us, you just package your hate a little differently.
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For the record, as a person who has defended their right to use Mrs. Duggar's uterus how she sees fit, I wouldn't care what religion they were as I tend to think all religions are basically the same and don't follow any, in part because I hold them all on the same level.
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@Xeal: Nobody, pretty much ever, fails to call out terrorists etc., and I don't recall any significant thread comparing the two and describing the Duggars as More Evil. So I don't know what you're talking about there.

Your second paragraph is also overly simplistic. They are not simply sincere Christians who believe children are a blessing. They really do feel it is their mission to generate as many followers as possible in order to further the goals of their religion, which in many cases are intolerant to others.

"Do these people threaten you? Are they committing some harm against you?" Well, on a macro level, it is people like these, in large numbers, that violated the constitutional provision that no state shall enact a law abridging a citizen's rights. This was in California, when Mormon and other religious activists used their beliefs (and money) to take away the right of gay people to marry. So a valid argument can be made that these people DO do harm to some. Not crap.

And as always, in a free country, everyone has a right to an opinion.
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Like it or not, it's still legal to have as many children as you want, and for whatever reason you want. No one has to approve. If they are building a religious fanatic army, it's their right to do so. The good thing about the Prop 8 fiasco and others like it, is that people are appealing and fighting against the taking away of those rights. That's what America is all about.
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Well then EvilBeagle, according to your perspective, everyone has a right to be a bigot. Or a Racist. Everyone has a right to disciplin their children with leather belts and paddle boards. Everyone has a right to build compounds and become a cult. Everyone has a right to dig a hole in their front yard and use it for a used motor oil dumpsite. Everyone has the right to kill neighbors' dogs or cats who stray onto their property.
There are a lot of things there are no "sprecific laws" prohibiting, but that doesn't mean to do these things is wise or not harmful to others....

Having 18 kids is not wise, commendable, noble, nor something to be "proud" of. It is irresponsible, unnecessary, selfish and degrading to us all.
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Actually, Psych Major, there are laws specifically against animal abuse, even if that animal is on your property, though that varies from state to state. Child abuse is also illegal. Disposing of motor oil as you suggested is also illegal, so no, I am not saying that anyone has the right to do illegal things. That argument makes very little sense because that is not my perspective at all, and your understanding of it is obviously skewed.

Unfortunately, people do have a right to be bigoted and racist so long as they stay within the law. And again, people do have a right to build cults and compounds so long as they are within the law.

There is no law against stopping this woman from breeding, and if you want that, then you might prefer somewhere like China, and their laws are nothing to be proud of either.

Personally, I don't feel that someone else having 18 kids degrades me. I could care less what they choose. I'm not the one having them or raising them. For them, it is wise, commendable and noble, even if we don't all necessarily agree. It is only irresponsible if they cannot support their children on their own. As for unecessary, again, that is your opinion against their own.

Point is, just because you don't approve, doesn't mean that it shouldn't happen, or that it's automatically wrong. According to your perspective, only your opinion/belief is acceptable.
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Just to add, part of being American is having the right to live your life as you wish within legal means. If it is reasonable to change a law that is restrictive of those rights, you work toward that change (such as the gay marriage issue, and I do support gay marriage). But we must keep in mind that in having the right to live as we choose, we must allow others to live as they choose, even if it is not the choice we would personally make.
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well what the hell, you guys are talking about it like it's freaking polygamy. sure it's not at all common to have 18 kids now-a-days, but my god they can do whatever they want to do. it's not "bad" or "degrading" it's a choice they make. and would i like to be one of their children? well, no. i don't live like that at all, but they DO.. but they seem like friendly people and all you guys are doing is sitting on your computers crabbing about them and being unfriendly trolls. i mean it is a little weird but someone in my class made the point that the world's population is high enough. ha! there are 300,000+ births/DAY. i'm sure 18 isn't going to hurt it that bad..

pretty soon i'm going to have to make a "leave the duggars alone" video and put it up on youtube.
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God bless them. Jim Bob has a GOOD PAYING JOB, so they have the right to have more babies. I can surely point to 2 ethnic groups that have a high birth,and WELFARE rate, that ABUSE their children,or dump them in a dumpster.Those groups should be sterialized(they also don't have the money to have ANY). This family is beautiful. Their needs to be more births like this in California to overun the ugly ones,and have DECENT MORAL people take over. Again God bless you guys. Nothing wrong with being decent moral God loving,and God respecting people..
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