The World's Youngest Practical Shooter

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At the age of six, Miko Andres from the Philippines is thought to be the world's youngest competitive practical shooter. Practical shooting is a sport in which participants shoot rapidly at multiple targets around an obstacle course. His father says:

"As a growing, normal kid, Miko is also into other children's games. He enjoys the company of his schoolmates.

"Miko is very young but is determined to excel in the practical shooting sport," says Mike.

"He has been taught a lot of discipline and respect.

"Miko, I and his team coach, constantly talk about the dangers of the sport and we are always reminding him that he is in a 'big boys' game and that safety of of the utmost importance."

Link via Samizdata

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Ted, I think there’s no need for a booger eatin' moh-ron child of your age to be the booger eatin' moh-ron that you are. The point is that you FREELY, because this is America, CHOOSE to be a booger eatin' moh-ron because it's YOUR RIGHT to choose to be a booger eatin' moh-ron.

I think there’s no need for a booger eatin' moh-ron child of your age to be dictating which rights and constitutionally protected activities your fellow FREE citizens choose to engage in and enjoy.

Reducing the lives of others to only the things that you think anyone "needs" is a sure sign of an authoritarian socialist communist of the worst kind. The Nazi's didn't think the German citizens "needed" their guns, so they took them. Then when the people couldn't fight back, the Nazi's decided the Jews didn't "need" their businesses, so they closed them. Then then Nazi's decided the Jews didn't "need" their money, gold, artworks or any kind of assets, their freedom, health and in the end their very lives, so they took all of those too.

Whenever I read or hear anyone using the "need" argument I smell the stench of Nazis, and I can smell you from all the way out here in L.A.

Thankfully, whenever the "need" Nazis get out of hand with controlling what others "need" there are always a band of free, brave, clear thinking men and women that can see that the world doesn't "need" people like that and we rise up and kill as many of you as we can to return oppressed people to a state of freedom.

As a free man I proudly stand in front of, beside and behind this man and his son and all of my fellow free American citizens in the free enjoyment of our right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and self determination.

And that's all that "needs" to be said about that.
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Nice, kevin.

I'll try to speak more clearly, then, so you don't think I'm advocating six-year-olds driving cars or getting married.

A child is physically capable of smoking; a child can operate a voting machine; a child can operate a drill press or a table saw.

Simply because the child is able to do something, does that mean he should be allowed to do it?

There. Is that less extreme for you?
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@ted, #30: huh? your analogies make no sense. you are taking it to the super extreme, and its not proving a point. it's only making you look like a pedophile.
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I'm so jealous! When I was a kid, and my parents sent me off to summer camp, they left explicit instructions that I not be allowed anywhere near the shooting range (or the archery range, for that matter)!
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