Hitler Rug.

Israeli artist Boaz Arad created this Hitler rug so people can wipe their feet on Adolf, er
"to show how the Holocaust has scarred Israel, but also been misused by it": Link

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wow christa! wow! you have to be the biggest dumbass on earth! i dont understand how someone can have respect for someone who destroyed millions of lives! ask your teacher were the fuck he learned all that shit! beacuse if you know anything about hitler, then you would know why EVERY ONE FUCKING HATES HIM! your teacher and you are both dumbass's! i cant belive you think what he did is right...and that he cared for his country! bullshit! thats like saying thank you to a child molester! so be my guest and go to germany and ask if they can build a hitler monument...or put his face on their money lets see what they do! cause there sure as hell not gonna throw a party for that pos! really,go...tell me what happens!?
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hitler hater, i completely agree with you, if hitler used all that power for good, then we could be all one big happy country. we would probably be speaking german right now but still! all that power gone to waste. what a shame. jeez hitler, why couldnt you be good and we could all be peacefully speaking german...>sigh<
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well i think that girl christa is way outta her mind.
are you a follower of hitler who also believes that
holocaust never existed?
reality check.
hitler hated jews.
he did all he could to kill them and get rid of them.
and you're thanking him?
you want to put up memorials for him?
well go ahead.
a memorial for the man who killed nearly 7 million jews
just because he doesnt like them randomly..
that guy was psycho, not right in his mind.
probably smoked crack or somethin.

but hey, if this rug really existed, that'd be
pretty cool.
probably be in some kind of museum in the holocaust museum worth billions., maybe more.
hmm. what a shame.
do you realize that if this guy had never been born,
or had decided not to go into politics and stuff,
that WW2 never would have existed, jews would be fine,
and people all over the world wouldn't have lost
their relatives in the war?
hey btw, they did find his body right?
what did they do with it?
but seriously i do think hitler was pretty smart
and obviously a very good persuader if he could
persuade so many people, but he was on the wrong side.
if he was on the good side, then we could have world peace:)
he'd be like gandhi but german version.
its a shame that some people with such great
potential never reach it, .
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