Man in Kenya Builds Airplane from Scrap

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Gabriel Nderitu, an IT professional in Kenya, is almost finished making his homemade airplane. He researched the design online and built it out of spare parts:

In the end, Nderitu mounted a Toyota engine to his modular airframe. The strutted wing and ailerons are skinned with aluminum sheet. The engine itself turns up to 4,000 rpm, driving a 74-inch wooden propeller through a simple reduction belt drive.

Nderitu plans to make his first flight soon.

Link via Geekosystem

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Well I have a clue or two about aeronautics and I'd be very surprised if it did fly for more than say, 5 seconds. I doubt his extensive 6-month internet research has taught him much about stability, or for that matter aerodynamics... he seems to have made a roughly wing-shaped wing but it looks like he didn't bother that much about the tail. Planks with hinges won't do the trick I'm afraid.

Anyway, good luck to him! I just hope he doesn't test it by hurtling it off a cliff.
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...People who have no clue about aeronautics.....
understand correct grammar. I'm no aeronautical engineer but know enough to say that this contraption is about as safe as juggling chainsaws. ever hear of PIO? I would bet a week's salary that if it got into the air it would oscillate it's way back onto the deck in 300 short yards.
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I think this "thing" that looks like an early airplane as all the chances of flying. I've flown worst than this and jumped out of Cessnas mended with Duck Tape. People who have no clue about aeronautics always underestimate the chances of something to actually fly,
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While I admire mr. Nderitu's creativity, this device looks worse than those early inventors prior to the Wright Brothers. Any modern engineer will tell you that his contraption has no hope of actually flying.
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