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Re "(something you certainly cannot do in the U.S.)"

As a high-school student in the late 80s I actually toured Fermi II nuclear power plant, got to go into a cooling tower and stood next to the boron enhanced water of the spent fuel cooling pool. I was 17 at the time so I was not part of the group allowed into the reactor control room.

At the time Edison was quite happy to have physics students tour the facility, we might go on to one day become employees, and at least it was good Public Relations for the power company and nuclear energy.

On the tour they explained how the plant was designed to withstand the crash of an airliner, "just in case a hijacker tried to fly one into the plant". They did not explain the various faults of the GE Mark 1 design, the same as the recently ill fated Fukushima reactors. Nor did the explain that the original GE Mark 1 cooling pool design did not require the addition of boron to the water, that was done because the pool was already above capacity 20-some years ago.
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The Congressional Budget Office and other government agencies are notorious for underestimating inflation, arbitrarily changing the means by which it is calculated. In actuality the poor have gotten poorer in relation to their food, energy and housing needs while the rich have enjoyed the low cost electronics that the metrics were partially changed to reflect.
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None of it worked because it was all corrupted to favour the politicians' backers.

Sad to see my nation offer immigration for sale with the BANKS benefiting and the people, once again, getting bent over for it.
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They've been caught lying in the past about these machine's abilities to save images. I don't trust them now and will never trust authorities again until we've had our revolution.
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When a nation's postal service fails the effect cascades through the chains of supply and credit. The result is similar to the decay of other infrastructure.
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My theory:
Crime has NOT reduced, its just that people now fear the taser-happy-piggies as much as they fear the criminals, and so are less inclined to call them when a crime has occurred.
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Welcome to the Police State.
They're just letting the kiddies know the score, grooming them for a lifetime of Obedience to the whims of the State.
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Awesome gun build.

Thinking about it the lack of blow-by makes sense given the low pressure of a shotgun. By contrast a few high pressure magnum revolvers can sever a finger if held against the cylinder while firing, or so alleged a lawsuit a few years ago.
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I don't see how "weakest government influence", porn usage, or even "anti-social" are anything to be ashamed of. Actually they seem to be fairly virtuous given how our nation and society are going.
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There is a reason its called Television Programming.

Do you really want to be "programmed" by corporate Media?

My wife and I got rid of tv 12 years ago, now compared to our friends we have far more time and a much wider variety of information, news and entertainment sources.
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Fear of death and threats of death to enforce compliance are the primary means of coercing human behavior.

Perhaps this explains why power structures (governments and organized religions) attempt to suppress the use of psychedelics, cannabis, and other plants which reduce such fear.
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