Criminologists Puzzled Over Falling Crime Rates

There's a mystery afoot in the world of crimes that has got law enforcement officials scratching their collective heads in amazement: despite the Great Recession, crime rates continue to decline.

“Striking,” said Alfred Blumstein, a professor and a criminologist at the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University, because it came “at a time when everyone anticipated it could be going up because of the recession.”

Nationally, murder fell 4.4 percent last year. Forcible rape — which excludes statutory rape and other sex offenses — fell 4.2 percent. Aggravated assault fell 3.6 percent. Property crimes — including burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson — fell 2.8 percent, after a 4.6 percent drop the year before.

Richard Oppel Jr. of The New York Times explains: Link

In a related note, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis predicted that the NFL lockout drags on, we'll see more crimes:

“Watch how much crime picks up if you take away our game,” Lewis told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. Pressed to explain why, Lewis replied, “There’s nothing else to do Sal.”

My theory? Criminals are so hard up they can't afford weapons ;)

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Yes, it's soft reasons like this that nobody thinks to consider.

Or maybe it's the fact that the criminal mentality is simply less popular in our society nowadays, more looked down upon, not as often glamorized. Could it be maybe? (The same mentality difference between small towns and big cities, in some way?)
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I suspect the reason is Internet porn. Takes the mojo right out of many heavy users. Other symptoms include brain fog, lack of confidence, preoccupation with easing cravings, even increasing erectile dysfunction. For more see "Your Brain On Porn"

It's great to have lower crime rates, but not at the expense of men with mojo.
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Rooboy: Then you read "House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, on Wednesday blamed most of President Barack Obama's political problems on racism."

Black people in America (in general) do not WANT to be equal. They revel in their self-imposed victim status. They depend on it.

Should their victim status ever disappear, who in the world would they blame their failures on? They'd have to take personal responsibility for their lot in life (just like everyone else has to). They'd be expected to work hard and succeed without government imposed quotas.

There are outstanding black people in America who reject the victim Herman Cain who has just announced his run for president. But, most black men are more likely to play the victim than run the race.

Read more:
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@Ted, not trying to be racist, just pragmatic.

Forever, minorities, especially in the USA have complained about unfair treatment at the hands of the establishment (aka white folk), now that Obama has attained the highest position in the land (some would say the world) it takes away the argument that any segment of society is being held back by another.

Taking that argument away now creates a society of mutual respect.. well it should anyhow.

Its not much different from the struggle women faced to get to the top of the corporate ladder.

The only thing holding anyone back, individual or group is themselves.
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Almost all shifts in crime rates comes down solely to reporting and statistics methods or what is and is not classified as a crime. There is sufficient reason to believe that deterrants, whether they are longer sentences or taser-weilding cops, don't reduce crime. Criminologists generally classify violent criminals in one of three categories:

Premeditated - wherein the criminal plans ahead of time and does not expect to be caught at all.

Passionate - wherein the criminal reacts spontaneously to circumstance and does not consider the consequences

Compulsive - wherein the criminal is compelled to act due to some inner and involuntary compulsion

The reduction in crime rates could be something as mundane as an aging baby-boomer population. Violent crime, they say, is the vice of youth and the best cure for it is a 30th birthday. This is the theory proposed by Criminologist John Conklin.

"Infinite are the reasons men give for doing the things that their instincts bid them do. All depends upon the strength of the instinct and the character of the machine; the restrictions and habits formed; and many other factors of which the man knows nothing. In fact, all depends upon his endowment and the outside forces that move to action, and for none of these is he in any way to be praised or blamed." - Clarence Darrow, United States Civil Liberties Lawyer in Crime Its Cause and Treatment
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