Crude Ranking of Girls' Hotness Got Teen Arrested by Cops

Sure its in poor taste, but is ranking girls on their appearance criminal? Apparently so, according to Oak Park, Illinois, police:

The teenager is believed to be responsible for a list that ranked 50 female students — using racial slurs and ratings of body parts — that circulated around the school and on Facebook, police said. The teen is accused of handing out hard copies of the list Jan. 14 at various lunch periods and posting a copy online, according to police.

Link - via Technically Incorrect

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When you do things like that make sure you are rich and you can start Facebook (or something like it). I mean isn't that how ZFuckerberg got his start? What? No one saw the movie?!
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The boy's actions fit Illinois' legal definitions of cyberstalking (class 4 felony, 1-3 years/fines up to $25,000) and depending on the language it could qualify as any number of things.

But no, surely it's just big bad government infringing on his first amendment rights to harass people. Kids will be kids but not all kids are little sociopaths.
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I agree that we'd have to see the document in question in order to pass judgment. What constitutes a racial slur for some people can sometimes be reading something into it that's not there.

Getting arrested does seem a little harsh for even this twerp.
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I don't have enough information to know whether this was appropriate or not. The article says "racial slurs and body parts". If this list he circulated was really unpleasant, then it would justify arrest.

OTOH if it was just a "hot list", then, obviously not. We don't know.
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