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Actually Morse code is still commonly used in radio communications. It is about 50 times more efficient at transmitting a signal than SSB (a common voice mode). There are other digital modes, but CW with code is the classic, and still hard to beat by much for weak signal communications (Princeton liars not withstanding).
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So, I am forced to buy something for my waitstaff that I can't afford myself?

Is this like how I am forced to pay taxes to provide public housing to those the govt favors which is nicer than where I live because I can afford no more due to excessive taxation??? The other day I saw a nice new range being carted into subsidized housing, I never owned a stove that nice and yet I have to help pay for one for someone else.

No wonder people are starting to lose it and go postal against the system.
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The FRAUD of Anthropogenic Global Warming is a tool for EUGENICS!!!

Btw, the fraudmeisters have "made" man-made global warming by the improper dismissal of Urban Heat Island and the false signal these impose upon stations during "homoginization".

FWIW, I used to believe in ManBearPig. But then the Earth stopped warming and I looked into the "science". The short of it is figures don't lie, but liars do figure... then they run out anyone telling the truth and lie about them being funded by big oil (who supports the cap n trade scam)

Can't believe a normally moral blog like neatorama would support EUGENICS, which any form of government population control will always become. How many millions will die in the next decade?
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They are cute, but the story is wrong.

Lots of people keep Pygmy goats for milk. They only give a bit less than a quart a day when in milk but its sweeter than the larger dairy breeds. For what they eat they give a pretty respectable amount of milk and can make a good milk animal for a small household. A Nubian or Toggenburg might give over a gallon and a half a day, that is more than many small households can use.

Pygora's are also increasingly popular, this is a crossbreed of Angora and Pygmy goats and gives fiber, milk and meat. It might be a better "utility animal" for people who can use or sell the fleece.

Some people breeding Pygmy goats DO use the unwanted wethers (castrated bucks) for meat. Because they are smaller than Boers or Nubians they are not good commercial milk and meat goats, but might be just what a small rural homestead needs. They are probably more common as a 4H project or pets, but to say they are never used as a milk goat is definitely false.
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Better put some sidewalls on those things. Around here that honeycomb would get clogged with mud and gravel, which would tear it up pretty quickly.
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Even if this WERE real, the mentioned price point is not so revolutionary as to represent a significant savings in an off-grid residential photovoltaic system. Considering the price of putting a frame around it, and considering that hair probably ages FAR worse in sunlight than silicone wafers, it might not represent ANY savings at all over the lifespan of the panel.

Add to this the cost of charge controller, wiring (low voltage high amperage DC wires tend to be large and expensive), fuses, combiner boxes, panel mounts, batteries, and presumably an inverter... and even if the panels cost only 2 dollars a watt complete and in frames, you can see that the savings for a complete system is under 20%.

I'll stick with my proven solar panels, I have neighbors who've had theirs for 20 years with very little loss of output.
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But the remakes work!

"Xe" and other military contractors are taking over "security operations" in Iraq so Obama can claim to be withdrawing the troops. Not only are contractors replacing these soldiers (who are going to Afghanistan and perhaps Pakistan instead of home), but they are using about 40% more mercenaries than the soldiers being replaced. Blackwater's name is mud, but Xe sounds spiffy, new, and vaguely Chinese.
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First image on the INTERNET?
First image on the World Wide Web perhaps, I didn't get onto that until a few years later.
I downloaded images from the internet by late 91. It was not a point and click process, I remember at one point joining usenet binaries manually, piping stuff around in a shell before downloading the file to my mac and turning it into a binary file with BinHex.
People tend nowadays to think the internet and the web are the same, forgetting things like newsgroups, IRC, ftp servers with archie, telnet bbs's, MUDs and MUSHes, etc.
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Current supercavitating torpedoes (like those possessed by Russia and Iran) inject exhaust gas at the nose to help form and stabilize the gas bubbles they travel in. Such a mechanism on a 100 foot sub would be another thing entirely, and I am left to wonder where that gas would come from if the speeds were to be sustained... water vapor? would the friction of the nose be enough to sustain the gas bubble reliably? maybe water vaporized by on-board heat?
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If its used in the USA I bet that some poor homeowner gets sued by some thug and his consignment-shop attorney following a break-in mishap. I can just hear it now "potentially fatal booby traps", "recurring nightmares of being stuck to fly paper", etc...
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The same economists who claimed "real estate will never go down", "there is no bubble", and "the economy is fundamentally sound"?

stock up on canned goods
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Aren't there already a couple of solar powered planes?

Most hydrogen is created from hydrocarbons, is it not? And very energy intensive to compress into a liquid suitable for transport?
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